Socket SoMo650 Review Review

Socket SoMo 650

Product: SoMo650
Manufacturer: Socket
Type: Windows Mobile-based mobile computer
Support: 1 Year Warranty from Socket, Lifetime Support from POSGuys

The Socket SoMo 650 mobile computer is Socket’s first entry into the mobile computer market.

Typical uses and environments:
The Socket SoMo 650 best finds use is standard retail, mobile sales, line busting, or other environments which need mobile computing but not an incredibly rugged housing.

Socket SoMo 650Unique Features & Advantages:
Everything needed to get up and running is included in the box, making setting up the Socket SoMo 650 much easier than normal. Another unique feature to the SoMo 650 is the lack of built-in barcode scanner, but inclusion of SD and CompactFlash card slots on the top of the unit. This design style provides greater choice when picking the right barcode scanner for your needs, helps eliminate unused parts from causing confusion for untrained employees, and creates a more cost effective solution for specific barcode scanning needs.

Standard Features: The Socket SoMo 650 ships with a 624 MHz Intel PXA270 processor, 128 MB of RAM, and 256 MB of Flash ROM. It has two programmable keys on the sides, four more on the face, and a 4-way navigational pad with selection button in the middle. The hold button on the left side also acts as a sleep-enabler, helping prevent the unit from drawing too much power when not in use. Two LEDs on the face of the unit light up to indicate Bluetooth, WiFi, or charging status, in blue, green, or red/green, respectively.

Socket SoMo 650Drawbacks:
The biggest drawback we encountered with the Socket SoMo 650 was the location and intensity of the indicator LEDs. There are two LEDs to indicate WiFi, Bluetooth, and charging status, both located in the upper left above the screen. Unfortunately they are bright enough to distract and ruin an otherwise pleasing experience when trying to read data on the SoMo 650’s display.

Performance Testing:
We ran the Socket SoMo 650 through tests designed to show the battery usage, performance, ease of use, and ease of configuration. The model used was the version with Bluetooth and 802.11b/g wifi built-in, in a charcoal color (part # HC0650-738.) We found the unit to be powerful and easy to use, with excellent features designed to extend the battery to great lengths.
By default, the Socket SoMo 650 ships with the standard Windows Mobile energy management tools, as well as IPM. The IPM battery management software allows the user to choose whether to run at one of three standard clock speeds the entire time (208, 520, or 624 MHz), or to jump between these speeds when the system needs that level or power. This greatly increases battery life, as the lack of user intervention prevents the system from being clocked too high for basic functions.

To further test the IPM software, we played a 20 minute video encoded in XViD format with a video data rate of 148kbps. Aside from a slight initial lag when loading the file to memory, the SoMo 650 was able to play it with ease. Playing the video only used 10% of the battery, effectively letting it play 3 hours of continuous video before recharging. The 624 MHz processor really shines in this test and shows that the SoMo 650 can handle processor intensive jobs with ease.
Setting up barcode scanners to work with the SoMo 650 is a snap. As expected, drivers for the Socket line of barcode scanners come pre-installed; all you have to do is insert the expansion card or pair the scanner with the SoMo 650 and you should be set. Third party scanners require no more set up than enabling Bluetooth on both devices and pairing them. The touch screen on our unit appears to be set about a millimeter above the LCD screen, causing it to slightly sink in when using the stylus. This causes a minimal amount of resistance when tracking the stylus across the screen, which feels rather uncomfortable when compared to other mobile computers.

If you work in an environment that requires data management or mobile sales without barcoded inventory, the Socket SoMo 650 is an excellent solution to your needs. And if you have specific barcode scanning needs, the lack of built-in barcode scanner means you can get the scanner you want and avoid the excesses that may occur with other mobile computers.

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