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Star Micronics mG-S Precision Series

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mG-S Precision Series Checkout Scales

mG-Scales add to the already innovative line of value-added products that Star Micronics has to offer. Built with a variety of markets in mind, mG-Scales have the ability to improve business operations in the grocery, pharmacy, cannabis, jeweler, or pawn shop industries.

Software support includes Windows, iOS, and Android making it simple to add mG-Scales to an existing system. Additionally, the scales will not limit the functionality of a point of sale (POS) system because they can connect through three different types of interfaces, Bluetooth BLE, USB, and Serial.

Another of the scales’ key features is that they can be powered either through outlet or battery operated, enabling portability when needed. mG-Scales remain reliable thanks to the protection of a water- and dust-proof cover. The new scales are NTEP certified to meet the 2017 requirements. Star’s 3 mG-Scales are the first to market that can be used to sell any product as a result of the new NTEP communication standards between scales and POS systems.

mG-S322 – Perfect for the cannabis or pharmaceutical market. This scale can measure the finest substances to 0.01 g with a capacity to reach 320 . This scale is certified in all states that have legalized cannabis sales.

mG-S1501 – With NTEP certification, the mG-S1501 is legal for trade and perfect for a variety of markets including cannabis, retail, coffee, candy, deli, jewelers, pawn shops, and more. With its high reliability and waterproof and dust-proof cover, the mG-S1501 can provide accurate measurements for many industries. It can read down to 0.1g with a max capacity of 1500g. Can be used for cannabis sale in WA & AK for less than 28.4g and in CA, OR and CO between 10-100g.

mG-S8200 – The largest capacity of the three scales. It can weigh small scale inventory, produce, and some deli products. The capacity reaches up to 8200 g and measures in 1.0 g increments. Available with Extended Platter to weigh more items at one time. The platter measures 8.5” x 9” (WxL) with a stainless steel finish, and is easy to install.

Product Specifications
Max Capacity mG-S322 320g / mG-S1501 1500g / mG-S8200 8200g
Readability / Verification Interval mG-S322 0.01g / mG-S1501 0.1g / mG-S8200 1.0g
Connectivity Serial (RS-232C), USB, BLE
Software Support iOS SDK (BLE), Android SDK (USB, BLE), Windows Driver (USB)
Calibration External
Stabilization Time 1.6 sec.
Weighing Units mG-S322 Default: gram (g) Other: ounce (oz) / pound (lb) / carat (ct) / grain (gr)
Weighing Units mG-S1501 Default: gram (g) Other: ounce (oz) / pound (lb) / carat (ct)
Weighing Units mG-S8200 Default: pound (lb) Other: gram (g) / ounce (oz)

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3-Year Extend-A-Star Warranty for Star Micronics Scales. Extends standard warranty to total of three (3) years. Valid in US / CA / Latin America.
Scale Extender Plate, 8.5x9 inches, Brushed Stainless Steel, NTEP Certified for use with MG-S8200 Scale