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Archelon EXO iPad Enclosure

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The Archelon EXO iPad Enclosure has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the HecklerDesign iPad Stand's.

The Archelon EXO enclosure provides tremendous flexability when using your iPad at your restaurant or retail business. With a multi-axis swivel and multiple stand types, the EXO is great for host stations, checkstands, or even informational kiosks.

Compatible with gen 2, 3, or 4 iPads, the EXO enclosure provides a secure housing for your device. Tamper-proof plugs allow you to block off access to ports or function keys, ensuring users only have access to the features you choose.

The EXO enclosure is available as a table top mount, wall mount, secure flip, and floor kiosk mounting system, ensuring there's a version available for your specific needs.

Table Top: The EXO table top mounting system converts your iPad into a stationary POS device. Ideal for retailers and restaurant order stations, the table top system is a familiar design.
Wall Mount: Designed for informational systems- libraries, sports venues, or inventory/price lookup kiosks- the wall mount system provides a secure method for protecting your iPad from general use.
Secure Flip: The Secure Flip mounting system is fantastic for point of sale, allowing you to flip the screen to the customer for signing on credit payments.
Floor Kiosk: An elegant method for displaying information, the floor kiosk is a smart choice for trade shows, medical information systems, retail kiosks, and more. At 4 feet tall, the kiosk is easy to use for most applications.
  • Supports table top, wall mounting, secure flip, and floor kiosk mounting systems
  • Compatible with iPad generations 2, 3, and 4
  • Tri-axial swivel allows movement in multiple planes
  • Accessory mounts support MagTek iDynamo and uDynamo

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