inVue NE360H

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NE360H Tablets

Designed for quick mobility and customer service, NE360H is the durable case solution that fits in the palm of your hand and can turn your handheld mobile computer into a mobile payment device. Built around a two-part device enclosure system, you can easily connect compatible devices with a simple sliding motion. Fully integrated charging and USB connection between both devices provide seamless, disruption-free service. Smart charger LED indicators and an optional charging stand ensure devices are ready to use when you need them most.

Is your business growing? No problem. InVue’s universal connection system empowers you to swap devices, as your business needs change. Plus, consistent experience makes staff training and adoption seamless. All you need to get started is to order a case that fits a compatible mobile device and another case for your payment device. That's all there is to it!

Highlighted Features

  • Support for Many Tablets & Payment Devices
  • 4ft (1.2m) drop protection
  • USB Connectivity between compatible devices provide seamless service
  • Fully integrated charging avoids disruption in customer service
  • Single and 5-position gang charger available
  • Full Access to Speakers, Microphone, and Camera

Supported Mobile Computers

  • Zebra TC21/TC26
  • Zebra TC51/52/57 + Rugged Cover
  • Apple iPhone SE 7 & 8
  • Apple iPhone 12 & 13 (Please call for options)
  • Apple iPod 5, 6, & 7 (Please call for options)
  • Samsung Xcover PRO

Supported Payment Devices

  • Ingenico Link2500 / 2500i
  • Ingenico iSMP4
  • Verifone e285
  • Verifone e280s
  • Verifone e355

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