FAQ# 1103: What is the difference between the LS2208 and LI2208 barcode scanners?


What is the difference between the LS2208 and LI2208 barcode scanners?


The LI2208 is the newer version of the LS2208 with the main difference being their scan engine. The LI version is a linear imager where the LS is a laser scanner. What does that mean in terms of everyday use of the scanners? The LI2208, as a linear imager, is capable of reading damaged and faded barcodes, and under direct bright light. It also can scan off of cell phone screens and is a little more durable. The LS2208 has a tighter and more precise beam, so it is better at picking out a single barcode among tightly populated fields of barcodes. However, it can't scan as well in bright light, or read faded barcodes.

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LS2208 Product Image
Zebra LS2208 This is one of the longest and best selling scanners on the market, and for good reason. The Zebra LS2208 provides the kind of fast laser scanning that makes it a mainstay for almost any retailer. Adding in an auto-sense stand turns the LS2208 into a great dual-purpose handheld and hands-free scanning solution.
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Zebra LI2208 The LI2208 offers the high power scanning you expect from Zebra. This durable linear imager has a tremendous depth of field, making it easy to read 1D barcodes in virtually any environment. A reinforced single-board design gives the LI2208 additional durability and resistance to day-to-day use and abuse.