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Twilight Black, Nova White, Healthcare White

LI2208 Barcode Scanner

*Motorola LI2208 is now known as the Zebra LI2208.

Member of the best selling barcode family ever. Near or far, worn or scratched, the LI2208 is capable of capturing almost any barcode!

The Zebra LI2208 barcode scanner offers the fantastic performance you expect from Zebra. The lightweight and affordable scanner is an ideal choice for medium volume retail scanning, including department stores or businesses wanting to add mobile coupon scanning without breaking the bank.

A linear imager, the LI2208 can read retail barcodes from up to three feet away, making it remarkably easy for anyone to get good scans. An optimal scan speed of 547 scans per second promotes fast reads and ensures accuracy. The LI2208 also offers easy reads from LCD or smartphone screens, fantastic for mobile couponing or customer loyalty programs. For improved accuracy on closely populated barcodes, the LI2208 supports an "Auto Aim" function which constantly shows the beam but won't scan until you pull the trigger.

Zebra built the LI2208 with retail in mind, able to survive the bumps and knocks of day-to-day use. Designed with no moving parts, the LI2208 offers a stable and reinforced experience, able to withstand multiple six-foot drops to concrete. An IP42 seal protects internal components from dirt and the occasional drips of water, further extending the lifespan. Shipping with a 5-year warranty standard, the Zebra LI2208 is the next step in advanced barcode scanning.

  • 31" scanning depth of field
  • "Auto Aim" functionality for improved scanning accuracy
  • Withstands 6-foot drops to concrete
  • IP42 seal protects from dirt & water splashes
  • Can scan in direct sunlight
  • Reads barcodes on LCD screens
  • 5-Year Warranty

También puede ver esta lista en Español. Visite EquiposTPV.com para comprar el Zebra LI2208 lector de códigos de barras.

**Zebra OneCare**

Zebra OneCare comprehensive warranty coverage is available for this product, please see accessories.

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Product Specifications
Dimensions 2.75" x 7.34" x 3.84"
Weight 7.9 oz
Color Options Twilight Black, Nova White, Healthcare White
Interfaces Available USB
RS-232 Serial
PS/2 Keyboard Wedge
Scan Method Linear Imager
Decoding Capabilities Standard 1D Barcodes
Scan Rate (Maximum) 547 scans per second
Reading Angle Pitch: +/- 65°
Roll (Tilt): +/- 45°
Skew: +/- 65°
Print Contrast (Min.) 15%
Typical Depth of Field
4.0 Mil4" to 10"
5.0 Mil3" to 13"
7.5 Mil1.5" to 19"
13 Mil (100% UPC_A)1" to 31"
20 Mil1" to 42"
26 Mil3" to 55"
100 Mil (paper) Over 20 feet
Indicators Beep, LED
Auto Sense Mode Available
Drivers License Data Parsing Not Available
Healthcare Specific Model Available
Image Capture Not Available
Mobile Phone Scanning Capabilities Available
Drop Specification Withstands 6-foot drops to concrete
Operating Temperature 32° to 122° F
Environmental Sealing IP42
Ambient Light (Max) 108,000 Lux
Stand Presentation Stand Available
Warranty 5-years

Zebra LI2208 Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

The LI2208 is one of the easiest 1D scanners to use on the market. It offers a variety of strong features, including an auto-aim to improve accuracy on closely populated barcodes. Just like the LS2208, this scanner is the last one you'll have to buy for quite some time.

Read the comprehensive Zebra LI2208 Review by POSGuys' Staff

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Product Video Transcript

LI2208 Barcode Scanner Review Video

Hi it's Camille with POSGuys. Today we're taking a look at Motorola's new affordable rugged scanner the LI2208. This is a great scanner for medium to high volume retail scanning. It has an auto-aim function as well as a hands free stand and can also scan off screens.

To start off we're going to show the LI2208 scanning in hands free mode so it's in it's stand. It can scan from smartphones and this is an iPhone here. Just scan like that. When you take it out of the stand it goes to trigger mode so there is no beam until you click the trigger but when you click the trigger it scans very fast. Very good scanning very aggressive and then there is also an interesting feature called the auto-aim which you just configure by scanning this auto-aim configuration code and once you do that you can see that the beam stays on and even though the beam is on it is not scanning the barcodes until you pull the trigger. Now this is great if you have a box that has quite a few little barcodes on it and you don't want to accidentally scan the wrong one just when you are trying to line it up.

To protect against breakage when the scanner falls off counters there is a six foot drop spec, so it can hit the concrete from six feet up. There is also an environmental seal that protects against dust as well as some moisture. So the LI2208 has a very good range anybody who has used a barcode scanner should be able to comfortably use this scanner. So it scans from very near out to about three feet and that is on standard size barcodes, if this was a larger barcode it would go out further.

So that was the overview of the Motorola LI2208 barcode scanner. This scanner is available in dark grey, white and there is a health care version for being able to wipe it down without having the chemicals break down the housing. It's available in all the standard interfaces so we suggest USB but you can get others if you need them. It comes with a five year warranty and you can also get comprehensive coverage to extend that warranty and improve on the features if you'd like. Ask us if want to know about that. If you'd like to buy the LI2208 or get more information just visit us on POSGuys.com.

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