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FAQ# 1105: Is the Symbol LS2208 the same as the Motorola LS2208?


Is the Symbol LS2208 the same as the Motorola LS2208?


Yes, they are the same scanner. When Symbol Solutions was bought out by Motorola they changed the name of some products but not all of them. The Motorola LS2208 exists, but there are millions of units branded Symbol LS2208. In 2014, Motorola/Symbol products were rebranded as Symbol. Since then, Zebra has bought out Symbol/Motorola, and is slowly rebranding these products as Zebra. For more information on these product changes, see our Symbol Blog Post.

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Zebra LS2208 This is one of the longest and best selling scanners on the market, and for good reason. The Zebra LS2208 provides the kind of fast laser scanning that makes it a mainstay for almost any retailer. Adding in an auto-sense stand turns the LS2208 into a great dual-purpose handheld and hands-free scanning solution.