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DataLogic QuickScan I QD2400

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QuickScan I QD2400 Barcode Scanner

The Datalogic QuickScan I QD2400 barcode scanner offers quick 2D barcode scanning, fantastic for retailers and small business data collection. Advanced aiming and good-read feedback systems make the QuickScan QD2400 a good choice for users of all skill levels.

The 2D scan engine in the QuickScan QD2400 promotes the fast scanning and ease of use ideal for retail applications. An optimal scan range of near contact to about a foot away ensures quick scanning, and the omnidirectional capabilities allow for easy scans at any angle. The QuickScan QD2400 also supports scanning barcodes on LCD screens, great when adding mobile couponing or customer loyalty programs to your business.

Datalogic built the lightweight QuickScan QD2400 to handle the use day to day use in retail and office settings. An IP42 environmental seal keeps dirt & some water splashes from harming the electronics, excellent in garden center or hardware store settings. The reinforced body survives drops of 5 feet to concrete, further extending the life of your scanner. With a 5-year warranty standard, the Datalogic QuickScan QD4200 is a great investment for any retailer.

  • 0.2" to 13.8" scan range on standard retail barcodes
  • USB Interface
  • Auto-sense stand availalble
  • IP42 Seal
  • Withstands 5-foot drops to concrete
  • 5-Year warranty
Product Specifications
Dimensions 1.6" x 3.6" x 6.4"
Weight 5.11 oz
Color Options Black, White
Interfaces Available USB
Scan Method 2D Area Imager
Decoding Capabilities Standard 1D and 2D barcodes
Motion Tolerance 25 Inches Per Second
Reading Angle Pitch: +/- 65°; Roll (Tilt): +/- 360°; Skew (yaw): +/- 60°
Contrast Ratio 25%
Typical Depth of Field
4.0 Mil Code 390.2" to 5.9"
13 Mil (100% UPC-A)0.2" to 13.8"
6.6 Mil PDF4170.4" to 5.1"
10 Mil Data Matrix0.4" to 5.1"
Indicators Beep, LED, Green Spot
Auto Sense Mode Available
Drivers License Data Parsing Not Available
Healthcare Specific Model Not Available
Image Capture Not Available
Mobile Phone Scanning Capabilities Available
Drop Specification Withstands 5-foot drops to concrete
Operating Temperature 32° to 122° F
Environmental Sealing IP42
Ambient Light (Max) 86,000 lux
Stand Presentation Stand Available
Warranty 5 Years

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Product Video Transcript

QuickSCan QD2400 Barcode Scanner Video

Hi, this is Travis from POSGuys.com. Today we’re going to take a look at the QuickScan QD2400. This is the new Quickscan imager from Datalogic. It’s an upgraded version of their 1D image, the Quickscan 1D version. It adds the ability to scan 2D barcodes and it also has a new reticle system, which is a little easier to use than the previous version and it adds better scanning overall than the original version.

When scanning barcodes, your 1D barcode scans just as well as the original version. Your range is anywhere from contact out to about a foot, maybe two feet if you’re scanning a bigger barcode. But generally what you’re looking for in a retail barcode scanner is speed. So when you’re in the normal scan range, it’s scanning all those barcodes really easily.

The bonus of being a 2D barcode scanner is that instead of a straight line where you need to cross the barcode perpendicular, you’re going to want to hold it at any angle. If you look at the new reticle system, it’s two triangles and then the red light kind of surrounds it. So as long as the barcode is right around those two triangles, it’s going to get a read.

You can line up at any angle, so whether you’re going straight on like you would with a standard 1D barcode scanner where you’re coming in upside down, to the left or right; it doesn’t matter. A 2D imager is going to read it in any direction and that’s generally why you want a 2D barcode scanner for your retail applications. It’s not necessarily that you’re going to be doing a lot of 2D barcode scanning, it’s that you want to be able to scan at any angle. So that works really well. As far as [00:02:01.8] barcodes go, it scans them just fine. Here’s a standard shipping code; it reads it without a problem. If you’re looking at QR codes or data metrics, it scans those as well. A popular reason to get a 2D barcode scanner these days is to do mobile couponing. On my cell phone, I have a standard 1D barcode and it reads it with no problem. It will read the QR codes just as well. So if you’re looking to get into mobile couponing or you want to run some online specials, e-mail specials that include a barcode for a percentage off that dollar amount, then definitely this scanner can do what you’re looking for in regards to reading the barcode off of a mobile phone. The durability on this scanner is pretty good. It is designed for retail and no warehousing. You have about a five foot drop, you have an IP42 seal. It means you can rinse it off if it gets dirty. You can wipe it down and it’s not going to fail. You don’t have to worry about water getting behind the lens. It’s not submersible though. You’re not going to want to dunk it underwater, you’re not going to want to take it out in the rain. If it’s a very dusty environment, dust can get inside of it, so don’t use it outdoors; use it indoors, generally in a very clean environment.

A five foot drop spec is going to be around your standard counter height. It’s generally about the length of the cord. So it’s a good drop spec. There’s better out there, but generally for retail application, it’s kind of what you need. As far as accessories go, there’s a hands free stand that you can get. The colors available, it’s either black or dark gray or a white. The warranty on it is five years, which is now pretty standard for barcode scanners, but it will basically last as long as you need it to last.

Overall it’s a good scanner. One of its better features is its pricing. It comes in right around $200, which is pretty remarkable for a 2D scanner. If you’re doing high volume and you’re putting a lot of people through the line, you have a big variety of barcodes, and you just kind of worry about how fast you can get people to move through, then consider a 2D scanner. It’s much more productive than a 1D scanner. It also allows you to do mobile coupon scanning registration and that type of thing, so it’s definitely worth looking at if you’re going to future proof your business to be able to do some things more than just retail market scanning. For additional information on the QD2400 or to purchase it, please visit our website at POSGuys.com. Thank you.

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