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DataLogic QuickScan QD2131 Imager

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QuickScan QD2131 Imager Barcode Scanner

The DataLogic QuickScan QD2131 Imager has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the DataLogic QuickScan QD2220 Imager.

This product replaces the older DataLogic QuickScan 2130 Imager Series.

When precision is key and cost is a factor, the Datalogic QuickScan QD2131 Imager is a snappy scanner that can even capture barcodes from a screen.

While a 2D scanner will certainly future proof your purchase, the benefits of a 1D imager may still suit your business better. The QD2131 imager has been designed with an extra wide field of view and scan line allowing it to scan codes that are at a closer distance or that are positioned close together, something a 2D still struggles with. Being an imager and not a laser scanner, the QD2131 is also capable of scanning barcodes that are on phone or computer screens for customer loyalty or coupon applications.

Shipping with a 5 year warranty the QuickScan QD2131 is built for medium to high volume retail or warehouse scanning.

  • 1D Linear Imager
  • Extra Wide Field of View
  • Wider Scan Line
  • Comfortable Pistol Grip Style
  • Snappy 400 Reads Per Second
  • Reads Screens
  • 5 Year Warranty

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