POS-X ION Linear

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ION Linear Barcode Scanner

The POS-X ION Linear has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the POS-X Ion Linear 2.

The POS-X ION Linear barcode scanner gives any retailer the quick 1D scanning necessary to keep lines moving smoothly. The combination of ergonomic design and aggressive scan engine make this a great fit in medium volume retailers, such as department stores, hardware stores, or even secondary grocery scanners.

An optimal depth of field of up to 15.5" on standard retail barcodes ensures employees get accurate scans without much hassle. For presentation scanning, the optional auto-sense stand converts the ION Linear from handheld to hands-free scanning, freeing up space while adding functionality at your checkstand. And with a scanning speed of up to 270 scans per second, you know you'll get accurate reads every time.

POS-X built the ION Linear to handle the use and overuse experienced in day-to-day retail operations. The scanner survives multiple drops of 3.9-feet to concrete, holding up to an accidental knock off the counter. Shipping with a 3-year warranty standard, including POS-X's 2-day advance replacement service, the POS-X ION Linear barcode scanner is a smart and affordable investment.

  • 0.4" to 15.5" depth of field
  • USB interface
  • Auto-sense stand available
  • Reads as small as 3 mil barcodes

Product Specifications
Dimensions 3.2" x 6.3" x 2"
Weight 6.3 oz w/ cable
Color Options Black
Interfaces Available USB
Scan Method Linear Imager
Decoding Capabilities Standard 1D Barcodes
Scan Rate (Maximum) 270 scans/sec
Reading Angle Pitch±65°, Skew±50°
Contrast Ratio 45%
Typical Depth of Field 1.2" to 18"
Drop Specification Withstands multiple 4-foot drops
Operating Temperature 32° to 104° F
Warranty 3-Year

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POS-X ION Linear Scanner Review Video

Hi, This is Travis with POSGuys. Today we will be reviewing the POS-X ION and the POS-X wireless this is their mid level scanner they have a contact scanner which is below it and then their evo line is an even better scanner above it. its a value price scanner. you are getting a good bang for your buck. it doesn't have all the features of a high end scanner, but it has the ones you need for a retail type of scanning application.

this is the wired version of it. it's usb interface only. the cable is replacable , it just plugs into the bottom and thats your usb connection. the wireless version is a little different than most bluetooth scanners. instead of having the communications cable, it has a communications dongle. so this dongle will plug straight into your computer, and then to charge the scanner, there is a usb port on the bottom. so you just plug in a usb cable and then plug this into your computer and you triple charge it. so, a little different than your standard bluetooth scanner that has a cradle. instead of bluetooth technology it uses what POS-X calls Zigbee technology for communicating with the computer itself.

the wired version and the wireless version are both human interface devices so it means wherever the cursor is on the screen, is where the data will scan too. scanning normal barcodes at a 13 mil range. your range is from about six inches out to about twelve inches it's not the biggest sweet spot and you can get scans a little closer, but that sweet spot range is about six to twelve

switching to your inventory styled barcodes, code 129 or 3 of 9, you're going to have a similar range from about six inches to twelve inches. going down into the more high dense side, you get the six mil easily on both the 3 of 9 and 128 under a bright light condition like daylights or a spotlight or bright warehouses, it is affected by sunlight. so it will not scan. so keep that in mind if you're going to be using it outdoors, it's not going to perform as well as one of the higher end scanners.

testing the agressiveness of the scanner, it's pretty good under a moving barcode, so it gets it under fairly high speeds and even at full speed it can pick it up so, it's pretty aggressive and its a fast enough scanner rate that you don't have to hold the barcodes perfectly still. as far as damaged barcodes go, crumple it up here so it is beat up and wrinkly, scans that fine. we'll scratch on it and it still reads it pretty good stretch it out a bit so its warped. theres a warped barcode and that still scans barely. you got a little scanned but thats about it's limit. from there its not going to do much more.

so the ion has a handsfree stand available however it doesn't automatically go into auto sense mode, you have to configure it for autosense and once you do, the trigger will no longer be functional. so we're in trigger mode now. we're going to start configuration, presentation mode and programming and now it's in autosense mode. once it's in auto sense mode, just present the barcode to it, and it will scan automatically It's a little less agressive in this mode that way it gives you the chance to line up the barcode and make sure you're scanning the correct thing.

one other feature on this scanner is that you can remove the gooseneck stand, you unscrew this part and you can mount this head to the bottom of the base and then it becomes a way of holding the scanner rather than a handsfree stand it's just a scanner holder

so that's the posx wired and wireless versions of the scanner. both have a three year warranty they don't have an IPC seal so you're not going to want to get this wet. the drop rating is about four feet multiple drops to concrete, which is okay it's not as high rated as the industrial but it'll survive a small fall if you knock it off the counter or something like that. posx has one of the best support policies out there in the industry, you can call 24 seven a days, 24/7 7 days a week 24 hours a day and they have technicians on call to help support you but made for a 1d scanning only so this is going to be upc codes, 3 of 9 code 128 you're not going to be able to do drivers license with it, you're not going to be able to do ups codes and that type of thing. for more information on the ION scanner or it's accessories please visit us at www.posguys.com

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