UniTech MS840B

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MS840B Barcode Scanner

The UniTech MS840B has reached end of life.

The Unitech MS840B barcode scanner gives you the range and freedom of movement necessary in larger scanning environments. A rugged, lightweight design makes the MS840B a great choice in warehouse data management, larger retail, or any rough scanning application.

A laser scanner, the MS840B offers fast scanning for 1D barcodes, with a scanning speed of up to 100 scans per second. You can scan barcodes from up to two feet away, ideal for out-of-the-way products. This combination of quick and aggressive barcode scanning cuts down on training time and ensures your employees are out and scanning barcodes as soon as possible.

The MS840B uses a Bluetooth radio to keep you in contact with the communications cradle or Bluetooth enabled mobile device. The radio gives you over 300 feet of range, line of sight, allowing you to scan products too large to bring to the workstation. The MS840B also supports a batch scanning mode, storing barcodes until you get back in range.

Unitech built the MS840B to handle rough environments with ease. The scanner is reinforced to survive 6-foot drops to concrete. Internal sealing protects the scanner to IP42 standards, meaning dirt and the occasional water splash won't harm interal components. Shipping with a 3-year warranty, the Unitech MS840B is a smart choice for demanding data capture applications.

  • 2" to 9" scan range for 10 mil barcodes
  • Bluetooth radio with 300-foot range
  • Battery runs over 10 hours on 4.5 hours charging
  • IP42 Seal
  • Survives 6-foot drops to concrete

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