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About Dinerware® POS Software

Please note that POSGuys no longer carries Dinerware, we recommend Aldelo for Restaurants as a recommended alternative.
Dinerware POS software is designed to help restaurants operate smoothly. We created point of sale software that is easy to learn, use and modify - from the restaurateur's point of view. Dinerware is highly flexible and accommodates many service environments. For example, fine dining restaurants have different needs than bars or cafes. Whatever the type of establishment, Dinerware helps staff and managers complete tasks fast and efficiently in a way that works best for them.

Dinerware® Features

Software Demo & Screen Shots

System Requirements

Dinerware® POS Software Standard Features Add-Ons
Reception/Hostess Functions    
Seating Chart  
Table Numbers  
Customer Loyalty Program  
Multiple Location Capabilities    
Menu Setup    
Add Unlimited Menu Items  
Add Unlimited Screen Categories  
Add Unlimited Modifies (Choices)  
Place Items Into Multiple Screen Categories  
Create Custom Menus for Certain Jobs  
Select Whether Modifiers are Optional or Required  
Reuse Modifiers in as Many Sets as You Like  
Pricing Features    
Item Price & Quantity Generates Dynamically  
Hide Taxes For Over The Bar Transactions  
Create Taxation Rules  
Change Similarly Priced Items In One Setup  
Create Happy Hour or Other Promotional Discounts  
Restrict Discounts By Job  
Suppress Hidden Discounts On Customer Prints  
Restrict Manual Discount Availability By Item  
Make Discounts Apply to Tickets, Items, or Both  
Add Unlimited Void Reasons with Detailed Tracking  
Order Entry & Ticket Handling    
View Item Portion Countdown
Manual Override to Order Items as Necessary
Transfer Tickets to Other Users  
Change Tables  
Customize Ticket Names  
Split Checks  
Share Items  
Apply Payment to Other Users Tickets  
Repeat Previously Ordered Items  
Hold (and Release) Menu Items to Kitchen  
Use On-Screen Keyboard to Add Special Requests  
Change Price or Quantity of an Item  
View Ticket Details with Ticket Status Display  
Add/Remove Gratuity & Taxes
To-Go Orders  
Online Ordering
Mobile Ordering
Kitchen Printing    
Prints Choices In Red  
Group Similar Items On Kitchen Prints  
Routes Print Based on Job  
Sorts Tickets by Seat Position  
Printers Can Be Assigned Multiple Roles  
Payment Features    
Integrated Credit and Gift Cards  
Customize Guest Check Formatting and Contents  
Optional Receipt Printing  
Unlimited Split Payment on any Ticket  
Multiple Cash Drawers with Balance By Drawer  
Use Fast Pay to Close Ticket in Two Touches  
Labor Management & Communications    
Create Unlimited Jobs
Automatically Calculate Overtime Pay
Edit Time Sheets From Any Terminal
Access Complete Employee Database and Information
Communicate with Staff Using Internal Messaging
Online Employee Scheduling and Labor Management  
Communicate with Staff Using Text Messaging, E-mail, and Other Online Communication.  
Back Office Reporting    
Access More Than 80 Built-In Reports  
Instantly Access Daily Reports  
Track Audit Trail of Items Sold  
View Reports On Screen, Print to Receipt Printer  
Database Stores All Information Permanently  
Save Reports as PDF, Excel, CSV, RTF or other formats for export.  

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Dinerware® Interactive Demos
Dinerware® POS Demo Video

Dinerware® Screen Shots

Secure Login

Easy to Use Menu Interface

Easily Designated Items By Customer

Easily Splits Checks

Easy to Use Back Office Interface

Easy To Use Payment Interface

The Minimum System Requirements for Dinerware are:

  • Windows 7, Vista, XP, WePOS

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