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Mobile Computer Battery Buyer's Guide

To maintain peak device performance it is suggested that users replace their mobile computer batteries once every 18 months. It may be necessary to replace the battery sooner if the device is used constantly or operates in a demanding environment where performance is critical. Resellers offer two kinds of battery for purchase, those from the original manufacturer (OEM) and those from third party manufacturers like Honeywell.

Original Manufacturer (OEM): OEM batteries are distributed for use by the original manufacturer of mobile computing devices. They are developed to meet the specific requirements of their relevant mobile computer and usually used in the testing and development stages. OEM batteries often cost more than their third party competitors but because they are approved for use by the original manufacturer they should never disrupt the original product warranty.

Third Party Manufacturer: Third party manufacturers like Honeywell offer mobile computer batteries at a lower price point than the original manufacturer. The batteries are developed to meet the requirements of the relevant device and are even sometimes available with higher mAh capacity than the original part. While third party batteries are more economic, it must be noted that should they cause damage within the device's warranty period the original manufacturer may refuse to cover repairs.

See the mobile computer battery guide to locate batteries for specific mobile computers.
BTRY-MC10EAB00 Replacement Battery for the Motorola MC1000

WT4000 Rechargeable Battery
Mobile Computer Battery Guide
Model Manufacturer
Part Number
Capacity (mAh)
Part Number
Capacity (mAh)
Datalogic (Percon / PSC)
4410 / 4420 and F5500 95ACC1302 2400 H4420-Li 2400
CN3 / CN4 318-016-002 4000 HCN3-Li 4000
Dolphin 7900 / 9500 / 9550 / 9900 20000591-01 2000 HHHP9500-Li 2400
Motorola (Formerly Symbol)
MC9000-G & K Series KT-21-61261-01 2200 HMC9000-Li(24) 2400
MC9000-S Series BTRY-MC90SAB00-01 1550 H905A-Li 1550
MC75 High Capacity Battery & Door BTRY-KT-2R5X-MC7XR 4800 HMC70-Li(48)KIT 4800
MC75 Holster with belt loop - - HMC70-H(UBL) 4000
MC75 Holster with belt clip - - HMC70-H(UBC) 4000
MC3000 / MC3100 Laser BTRY-MC3XKABOE 2700 HMC3X00-Li(S) 2700
MC3000 Imager BTRY-MC30KAB02-03 4800 HMC3000-IMG-Li 4800
MC3100 Imager BTRY-MC31KAB02 4800 HMC3X00-Li(H) 4800
MC1000 BTRYMC10EAB00 1800 HMC1000-Li 2000
Phaser P360 / 370 / 460 / 470 KT-BTYPL-01 1250 HP360-Li 1500
WT4090 BTRY-WT40IABOE 2330 H4090-Li 2330
HT630 1400-202501G 900 - -
HT680 1400-900001G 2200 - -
PA500 1400-202731G 2200 - -
PA500e 1400-900012G 2200 - -
PA550 1400-900008G 2500 - -
PA600 1400-900003G 3300 - -
1400-203047G 2200 - -

Always remember to recycle used up batteries. There are many free locations where recycling is available, visit call2recycle.org for a list of drop off locations or fill out an online form at Honeywellbatteries.com to be sent prepaid shipping containers.