Motorola MC1000

MC1000 Mobile Computers

The Motorola MC1000 has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Zebra MC2100.

This product replaces the older Symbol SPT 1800.

In one simple package combining data entry and bar code scanning capabilities, the rugged MC1000 handheld computer from Symbol Technologies meets the demands of your budget and your environment. Designed for batch processing applications in light industrial, retail, government or warehousing and distribution centers, the MC1000 tracks your inventory more efficiently and accurately increasing the speed of your operations and improving response to customers. The simple-to-use design and rugged durability reduce training and maintenance costs while improving user satisfaction and productivity. And, the open standards-based architecture protects your investments, enabling you to adapt and expand the device to meet your changing business needs.

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The MC1000 does not ship with charging or interface cables. We recommend MC1000-COMM-KIT
Product Specifications
Weight 7.23 oz (205 g)
Dimensions 6.42L x 2.54W x 1.5H in (163 x 64.5 x 38 mm)
Processor 312 MHz Intel XScale
Keyboard 21-key, numeric/shifted alpha
Scan Method 1D Laser Scanner
Screen 240x240 TFT-LCD, non-touch
Battery 3.7V 1800 mAh Li-ion or 3 AAA batteries
Expansion SD Slot
Operating System Windows CE 4.2 Core
Interface RS-232, USB 1.1
Memory 32 MB RAM, 32 MB Flash
Humidity 0% to 85% non-condensing
Operating Temperature 14° to 122° F
Storage Temperature -40° to 158° F
Color Options Black

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Recommended Models

Batch, Laser, Monochrome, Windows CE 5 Core, 21 Key, Lithium Ion Battery (Req. Cradle,Power, & Cable)
This model has reached end of life.
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  • battery: Lithium-Ion
  • color: Black
  • interface: Batch
  • keypad: 21-Key
  • operating system: Windows CE 5.0 Core
  • warning: Cradle, Power Supply, Cables Not Included


CRD1000-4000UES MC1000 4-Slot USB Cradle, Includes Power Supply (PWRS-14000-148R) (Requires US AC Power Cord (23844-00-00R) and USB Cable (25-68596-01R), Replaces CRD1000-4000UR
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25-70987-03R MC1000 USB Comm. Charging Cable, (Requires PWRS-14000-249R and 50-16000-182R)
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25-63856-01R Modem Adapter Cable Connects MDM9000-100R (Modem Module) to Single Slot Cradle of MC70, MC1000, MC3000, MC9000, and MC9190
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BTRY-MC10EAB00 Replacement/Extra Lithium Ion Battery, 1800 mAh (Batteries must be shipped via ground shipping)
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HMC1000-Li Replacement/Extra Lithium Ion Battery, 2000 mAh (Third Party Brand) (Batteries must be shipped via ground shipping)
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25-68596-01R RS-232 Micro USB Interface Cable, For Cradle To Host Communication
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CRD1000-1000RR Single Slot Charging & Communication Cradle: USB or RS232 (Serial) Includes Power Supply (Req. Line Cord & Interface Cable)
Please Call
CRD1000-4000UR 4-Slot USB Charging & Communication Cradle, Power (Req. Cable)
Please Call
MDM9000-100R External Modem Module for Single Slot Cradle (Req. Part # 25-63856-01)
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25-63852-01R RS232 Cable for CRD9000-1000S
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25-63852-01 RS-232 Serial Interface Cable for Synch Cradle
Please Call
KT-70924-02R Dongle Modem Kit: Includes 56K Dongle Modem Module (MDM9000-100R) and Inverter Cable (25-70924-02R)
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50-14000-249R Power Supply for USB Charging Cable
Please Call
SSB-MC1000-30 Symbol 3-Year Service from the Start - Bronze Package (must be purchased within 15 days of scanner purchase)
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SSB-MC1000-50 Symbol 5-Year Service from the Start - Bronze Package (must be purchased within 15 days of scanner purchase)
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MC1000-COMM-KIT MC1000 Communications Kit, Includes Charging/Communications Cradle, USB Cable, Power Supply, and Line Cord (Parts 50-16000-182R, 25-68596-01R, 50-14000-249R, CRD1000-1000RR)
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50-16000-182R Line Cord, For use with PWRS-14000-249R
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PWR-BUA5V16W0WW Power Supply, LEVEL VI AC/DC (Brick) AC Input: 100-240V, 0.6A DC Output: 5.4V, 3A, 16W Requires: DC Line Cord (CBL-DC-383A1-01) And Country Specific Un-Grounded AC Line Cord - Replaces PWRS-1400-249R
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CBL-DC-383A1-01 DC Line Cord For Use With Power Supply - PWR-BUA5V16W0WW
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Previously Available Accessories

25-70987-02 USB, Charging & Communication Cable (Req. Power Supply part# 50-14000-147 and Line Cord part# 50-16000-182)
Please Call
25-70989-02R Serial (RS232) DB9 Charging & Communication Cable, RoHS compliant (Req. Power Supply part# 50-14000-147and Line Cord part# 50-16000-182)
Please Call
25-63856-01 Modem Cable for Single Slot Cradle and Modem Module
Please Call
PWRS-14000-249R Motorola Power Supply, Requires AC Line Cord 50-16000-182R -Replaced By PWR-BUA5V16W0WW
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