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POS-X EVO Heavy Duty

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EVO Heavy Duty Cash Drawers

The POS-X EVO Heavy Duty has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the POS-X EVO Pro.

The POS-X EVO Heavy Duty cash drawer gives your business sturdy operation in a small form factor. The 16" x 16" drawer is a great choice for retailers or hospitality locations needing to save counter space and offers a variety of connectivity options.

Available with a black powder-coat finish, the EVO Heavy Duty is built to handle rough abuse with ease. The thick gauge cold rolled steel case withstands damage and holds steady even under excess weight. POS-X built the EVO Heavy Duty tray to use ball-bearing rollers, with 30 steel bearings on each side, ensuring smooth opening and shutting of the drawer.

POS-X ships the EVO Heavy Duty with an industry leading 5-year warranty, including their 2-day Advanced Exchange service. Additional coverage are available, including overnight exchange and warranty extensions, making the POS-X EVO Heavy Duty cash drawer a smart choice for long-lasting reliability.

  • 5 bill, 5 coin slots
  • Rolled steel for added durability
  • Ball bearing rollers improve operation
  • Solenoid rated at over 4 million operations
  • Compatible with major receipt printer manufacturers
  • USB interface available
Product Specifications
Dimensions 16.14" x 16.93" x 4.72"
Weight 23 lb
Color Options Black
Drawer Front Painted
Finish Scratch Resistant Texture Powder Coat
Media Slots 2
Till 5 bill, 5 coin
Lock 3-Position
Rails Ball-bearing rollers
Interface Printer-driven
Life Cycle 4,000,000+ cycles
Return Policy 20 Days
Warranty 5-Year with 2 day advance exchange

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Product Video Transcript

POS-X EVO Heavy Duty Cash Drawer Video

Hi this is Travis with posguys.com. Today we're looking at POS-X's latest heavy duty cash drawer. This is the EVO line. It now features a reinforced rolled top, a strong abs front that prevents denting, a new bearing system and overall a pretty good improvement over their previous drawer.

The till is highly adjustable. The coins and the bills and the bill holders are all movable. In the back they are kind of held in with a pressure plate so if you push it in you might have to use a screwdriver unless you have really strong fingernails. This section pops out. You move it where you want it to go. and then just press it down with a little force and it will snap into place. You can here it snap and then its set. Underneath the till you have your media locations with also a holder for extra storage. That can be adjusted to fit coins drop it in and it holds your extra coins into place nicely it also blocks things coming in through the media drawer so if you have coupons and receipts you just drop them in and they will gather in one of two locations. So you can put big bills into one, you can put tickets into the other. There are also a couple extra storage pockets there in the back.

So they upgraded the sliding system to a 30 ball bearing point system. If any one of these bearing pops out it is still going to slide in and it slides in really nicely, really smooth it doesn't come shooting out extra fast and when you push it in it has good tension feedback. It is rated at 4 million cycles. So they had a machine that just opened and closed the drawer 4 million times without failure. So your locking system on it is a 3 position lock. You have open where it pops the drawer open, locked where it stays locked no matter what and then you have printer driven where when it is closed you use a printer command to open it. In most cases you will just leave it on printer driven. At the bottom of the drawer in this corner you have the port for the cash drawer cable. If you look at a cash drawer cable it looks like phone cable. Where you're gonna have an RJ11 or an RJ12 on the end. It is wired differently though so you can't just take any phone cable and put it in. Each printer manufacturer has specific requirements so make sure you get the correct cable for your printer. So it just plugs in here and pops out. If this cable ever gets damaged you can replace it with a new one. Being on the bottom of the drawer it is very convenient for putting a hole in if you want to run your cables through the counter. It is also located towards the back so if you set the printer on top of the drawer you can just sort of wrap it around and stick it up the back.

The till is shatter resistant. It is plastic but it is very very strong. It can take my weight when I stand on it. Doesn't really flex. Drop something on it, the little bill holders might pop out but it doesn't break. Like I said the bill holder popped out, just pop it back in and your good to go. This also is drop resistant, it's made so it can slip off the counter. The till holders pop out your drawer itself, the till itself, is undamaged. So you can drop it on its back, it doesn't break it can be reassembled and put back together. The cash drawer has a reinforced top which means it can take a lot of weight. While I'm standing on this drawer it opens without problems. You can really load on the weight. These are 80 pound dumbells and the drawer opens no problem.

So POS-X went with a plastic ABS front. Why they did that instead of metal a lot of people ask? Because plastic is stronger and resists denting. If you take a look at the front there is no denting there is no scratches so compared to the abuse it would take under normal conditions its really going to stand up versus a metal front that gets damaged even if you open it up and hit the corner of something. So a plastic front is stronger and it just doesn't break. The top and the side is a powder coat finish. It is more durable in the paint but it is not indestructable. So you'll see it mark up but it is more of the sticks rather than the paint finish. With a quick spray down most of the marks come up. You can still sort of see them so overtime your drawer is going to show wear and tear. Without it being all plastic it's not going to be completely protected from scratches and dents.

The roller system on it is really durable. I mean... and no problem it opens as smoothly as if no kicking had been done. It doesn't wobble any more than it should. This is the EVO Heavy Duty cash drawer. When ordering the cash drawer make sure you have the correct cable. You'll need a printer interface cable, mostly likely the POS-X Epson interface cable is the one you're going to need but if you have a Star or Ithaca printer make sure you get that cable. Additionally this has a five year warranty with a two day turnaround on it. So it is a rapid exchange type of program. If you have any questions there is 24/7 support through POS-X so a really good deal if you are a restaurant or open late nights where you need an answer after hours and it is outside our normal operating hours. For more information or to purchase the cash drawer please visit us at www.POSGuys.com.


EVO Cash Drawer Interface Cable, For Epson/POS-X/Star/Citizen Printers (Previously EVO-CD-EPC)
EVO Cash Drawer Interface Cable, for Ithaca Printers (Previously EVO-CD-ITH)
EVO Cash Drawer Interface Cable, for Star Printers (Previously EVO-CD-STA)
EVO Cash Drawer Splitter Cable, Allows 2 Drawers to Connect to One Printer. Comes with 2 Cables and Splitter Box. (Previously EVO-CD-SPLITTER)
EVO Cash Drawer USB Interface Adapter (Replace by 977GF010000004)
2 Year Warranty Extension (May be purchased at any point during product's warranty period) (Previously ZWE-CRW)
POS-X 3-Year Overnight Exchange Contract (Previously ZOE-CRW3)
POS-X 5-Year Overnight Exchange Warranty Upgrade (Must be purchased within 30 days of printer purchase.) (Previously ZOE-CRW5)

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