FAQ# 2131: In Cash Register Express, what are Tag Along items?


In Cash Register Express, what are Tag Along items?


In Cash Register Express, Tag along items are items that are added or 'tagged' on to a chosen item. This is done so that when the main item is rung up, the tagged item will automatically ring up after it.

To create a tag along item you will need to go to the Options -> Administrative -> Inventory Maintenance. This is where you enter in items from your existing inventory to ring up after the item you have selected. To do so, find the item you would like to add a tag along item to (you can find this my searching for the item under Enter Search Text). Under Tag Along Items on the item page, select the green check mark. Under Enter Search Text, search for the Tag Along item, highlight it, and hit Select. Then select Save. This should add the second item as a tag along item to the first one.

In the Inventory Maintenance screen, there will be a section listed for Tag Along items.

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