FAQ# 2132: How do I import inventory into Stock Manager?


How do I import inventory into Stock Manager?


Stock manager uses a delimited .CSV format which can be edited in excel for its import files. The easiest way to create a template for an import is to actually perform an export from the software in order to generate a .CSV in the correct format.

Creating an export:

  • File > Export Inventory > Full File

Creating the import:

  • Edit the rows with the correct information
  • Avoid any commas or quotations in any of the fields
  • Save the file
  • If you're prompted that some features will be lost if you save as a CSV (Comma delimited). Click Yes to keep the format.

Importing the file:

  • File > Import Inventory
  • Click Browse and locate the saved .CSV for the import.
  • Once the import is selected, click Test File
  • There should be a preview for the file output created showing any errors in red.
  • Click Import to complete the process.
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