FAQ# 2143: My LI4278 doesn't seem to be charging properly, what can I do?


My LI4278 doesn't seem to be charging properly, what can I do?


The first thing that you will want to check is whether or not the base cradle is properly plugged into your computer. Check the cable connections to the cradle itself and to your computer. Secondly, check and see if all USB ports are in use. There may not be enough power being supplied to the cradle, especially if you are using a USB Hub.

The third option, if the others steps have been followed, is to unscrew the bottom cover of the scanner gun, and unplug the battery inside, and re-seat the battery cable, and place the battery into the scanner. From there, place the scanner back on the cradle for an hour or two, and test the device again. If it still fails to charge or hold a charge, we recommend giving our Technical Support department a call to diagnose the issue. They can be reached at 800-903-6571 ext 302.

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