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FAQ# 2150: How do I input a logo into my TSP100 Thermal printer?


How do I input a logo into my TSP100 Thermal printer?


In order to input a logo into the TSP100 thermal printer, you will need to install the printer driver first. Once the printer driver has been fully installed and a test page has been printed to confirm functionality of the printer, then you will want to proceed to the printer properties of the installed printer.

To get to the printer properties of the printer, you will want to make sure that you are in Devices and Printers within the Windows based operating system. From there, find the appropriate printer listed. Right click on the printer, and select Printer Properties. In the next box that shows up, there should be an option to select Logo. From within this screen, you should be able to load an image file, and adjust the size and darkness of the logo. Once you set your logo, you will want to print a test page to confirm that the logo is how you want it.

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