FAQ# 2171: How do I upgrade from Store Manager 4.5 to 4.61?


How do I upgrade from Store Manager 4.5 to 4.61?


Before upgrading Proxis Store Manager Classic, you'll want to back up the current installation of the software. This can be done by going to the local disk (C:). From there, you'll want to copy WinPOS40 to a safe and easy to find location (The desktop or a flash drive would be good examples).

Please note that if you don't back up your data, the information may be lost!

Make sure to write down your last transaction number, you'll need it later.

After backing back your folder, you'll want to uninstall Store Manager from you system by using Add/Remove Programs.

After uninstalling the old version, reinstall with Proxis46.exe downloaded from HERE

Now you'll want to copy the data from your old installation back into the updated one.

Your software may need reactivation after the upgrade. Please contact support if this is the case.

Support Email: [email protected]

Support Phone: 800-903-6571 Ext. 302

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