FAQ# 2271: Which scanners are compatible with the Shopkeep App?


Which scanners are compatible with the Shopkeep App?


Shopkeep only officially supports one type of scanner right now and that is the Socket CHS Series 7 mobile scanners. It is possible to use some other Bluetooth scanners but they require extra steps to scan items in. Instead of just scanning the barcode at any point on the sale screen, you will have to highlight the search field, scan the barcode, and select the item that comes up. This just adds extra work to the POS process that will frustrate most employees and customers. If a business is only ever selling one or two items at a time then this may be an option but in most cases it will be more of a headache than just going with the supported Socket brand scanner.

If you are concerned with the durability of the socket scanners, there is a model (the 7Xi) with a durable housing that offers more protection against drops

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