FAQ# 2296: How do I factory restore my TC70 Android device?


How do I factory restore my TC70 Android device?


In order to factory restore your Zebra T70, you will need to run a restore package on the device using an SD card.

What you need:

  • The part and serial number of your TC70 (located behind the battery)
  • A blank SD card
What to do:
  • Contact Zebra Support for the OS restore package file (see notes below)
  • Copy file to the SD card
  • Place the SD card into the TC70 (located under a panel behind the battery)
  • Follow the steps below to set it to recovery mode
    • Power on and unlock the TC70
    • Hold the power button until the device options appear, then release it
    • Locate and press the scan button on the left side of the device
    • Press and hold the scan button while selecting 'Reboot'
    • Continue to hold the scan button until it reaches a 'Android System Recovery' screen
  • Use the Volume keys to navigate the menu to select the SD card
  • Use the button above the scan button to confirm a selection

NOTE: For the system files, please call or email Zebra support.

Zebra Support

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