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FAQ# 2300: How do I view a report of overtime in Aldelo Pro?


How do I view a report of overtime in Aldelo Pro?


To view a report of total regular and overtime hours, you would need to perform a payroll or atleast review the payroll report.

  • Go to the Back Office
  • Navigate to the Activities menu
  • Go to General Activities
  • Select Pay Employees (Payroll)...
This will display the payroll screen. To view the employee on the report, move them from the menu on the left to the select area on the right, by using the arrow button. After selecting all the employees you want to view, set the 'Pay Period End Date' in a 'MM\DD\YYYY' format. Once that is complete, click the 'Preview' button.

NOTE: For this report to work, you must have schedules enabled and the Overtime settings selected in the Store Settings under the Staff/CRM tab.

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