FAQ# 2371: How do you configure the OT-WL06 Adapter using AP Mode?


How do you configure the OT-WL06 Adapter using AP Mode?


Required Items

Configuring the Adapter using AP (Access-Point) Mode

  1. Plug the OT-WL Adapter to the printer and then turn the printer on
  2. Once the printer is powered on, use your chosen computer or device to search for available WIFI networks.
  3. There should be a network named EPSON_Printer
  4. Connect to that network using the password 12345678
  5. Once connected, open a web browser and go to the address
  6. Your browser will display an "untrusted connection" message. Click on the Advanced option and then click 'proceed to the site'
  7. When you reach the site, it will prompt for a Username and Password, which are as follows

    • Username: epson
    • Password: [Enter the Serial number of the printer, this is case sensitive]
    • Note: older models will use ‘epson’ as both the username and password

  8. Select the Wireless option from the menu located on the left side of the page
  9. In the SSID field, delete the EPSON_Printer and replace it with your WIFI network name. Please double check as it is case sensitive
  10. Enter the password to the wifi network into the field for WPA Pre-Shared Key field
    • Note: If the incorrect wifi name or password is saved, the printer will need to be reset. For this follow the instructions for Interface Reset from the manual
  11. Once those steps are complete, click Send at the bottom of the page.
  12. After it confirms ‘Configuration Sent’, click the Reset option from the left hand side of the screen
  13. The printer will reboot and connect to the wireless address it was given; once its successful it should print its new network info.

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