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Why does the LS2208´s laser only work for a few seconds then turn off?


Why does the LS2208´s laser only work for a few seconds then turn off?


In most cases, this is indicative of the scanner receiving too little power. If it is a non-USB device, it may require a separate power cable. Check the original product listing on our website, or with the product manufacturer to see if you require a separate power cable. If it is a USB device, either the cable or the USB port may be faulty. If the USB cable is plugged into a USB hub, it may not be receiving enough power. For these issues, try plugging the scanner directly into a USB port on the computer, switching the USB port the scanner is plugged in to, or replacing the USB cable.

Rarely, this may be a fault with the scanner itself; it is wise to pursue other solutions before replacing the scanner.

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Zebra LS2208 This is one of the longest and best selling scanners on the market, and for good reason. The Zebra LS2208 provides the kind of fast laser scanning that makes it a mainstay for almost any retailer. Adding in an auto-sense stand turns the LS2208 into a great dual-purpose handheld and hands-free scanning solution.