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Hand Held Products, or HHP, is a leading manufacturer of point of sale data collection equipment. HHP offers POS equipment for a wide range of uses from heavy-duty industrial barcode scanners to POS payment terminals. This point-of-sale equipment is known for its durability and high performance in the field, as well as some of the longest warranties in the industries. With HHP POS hardware, you can be confident you are buying a well built, long lasting POS product.

POSGuys carries a range of cordless barcode readers, including the HHP IT3870 Cordless Bar code Scanner; a high-resolution barcode reader able to read high-density barcodes. The IT3870 has a 25-hour battery life to ensure extended cordless barcode scanning. Also available at POSGuys, the HHP 4820 2D Imager bar code scanner give the flexibility of reading 1D and 2D barcodes along with the durability of shock absorbing rubber protection for use in concrete industrial environments. Other barcode scanners available from HHP include the HHP 3800g, a mid-level barcode scanner, the HHP 3800r and 3800i, industrial strength barcode scanners, and the HHP 4600g and 4800i, 2D Imager barcode scanners.

If you are looking for a POS payment terminal for your point of sale system, the HHP TT8500 is a great choice. The TT8500 has the ability to process POS payments, EBT, signature capturing, and 3-track magnetic card reading. Other retail POS stations include the HHP TT3101 and HHP TT8810.

For filling your mobile data collection needs look no further than the HHP Dolphin 9500. This mobile data collector offers the durability and ergonomics needed for extended use in the field or in a warehouse setting. The HHP Dolphin 9500 is a programmable portable data terminal with options for keyboard and Microsoft Pocket PC platform programming.

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