Zebra CS3070

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CS3070 Mobile Barcode Scanner

The Zebra CS3070 has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Zebra CS6080.

This product replaces the older Symbol CS1504 Keychain Scanner.

Extremely Limited Stock - Product is End of Life

*Motorola CS3070 is now known as the Zebra CS3070.

The Zebra CS3070 provides fantastic ease of use when scanning data into your iPhone, Android phone, or Bluetooth-equipped mobile device. The pocketable lightweight design and Motorola's fantastic technology make this a great addition to any data capture, inventory management, or mobile POS application.

A laser scanner, the CS3070 can read standard UPC barcodes from nearly 4 feet away, promoting easy data acquisition. The Bluetooth radio in the CS3070 gives you 30 feet of range to keep you in contact even if you set your mobile device down. A full day's scanning is no sweat for the CS3070 and its 4,250 scans per charge battery.

Zebra built the lightweight CS3070 to hold up to a fair bit of damage, much more than you would expect in a general retail setting. The barcode scanner withstands drops of 4 feet and features an IP seal to keep dust from harming internal components. Shipping with a 1 year warranty, the Zebra CS3070 barcode scanner gives you a fantastic addition to any iPhone mobile POS platform.

We recommend Proxis Keychain Synch software to optimize the capabilities of your CS3070.

  • Ideal for iPhone, Android phone, or Bluetooth-equipped devices
  • 512 MB memory stores over 1 million barcodes and timestamps
  • Bluetooth model runs in SPP and HID modes
  • 3 hour charge provides up to 24 hours of operation
  • Scans from up to 45 inches away
Product Specifications
Dimensions 3.41" L x 1.95" W x 0.87" H
Weight 2.45 oz
Color Options Dark Grey
Interfaces Available Bluetooth
Decoding Capabilities 1D Barcodes
Operating Time Batch - 24 hours use or 8,500 scans
Standby - 3 months
Bluetooth - 12 hours use or 4,250 scans
Recharge Time 3 Hours
Scan Method 1D Laser Scanner
Battery 780 mAh Lithium ion
Bluetooth Profile SPP, HID
Bluetooth Radio Range 30 ft.
Memory 512 MB Flash
Seal Specification IP40
Drop Specification Withstands 4-foot drops
Warranty 1 Year

Zebra CS3070 Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

A reliable scanner for mobile devices. We use the CS3070 at POSGuys in many of our 'Ask POSGuys' demo videos because of its easy pairing, comfortable grip and quality scanning performance. It is small in size but not so small that it gets lost easily, we can always find this one when we need it. The battery almost always seems to be charged unlike some of the other Bluetooth scanners in our inventory. That is probably due to the 24 hour operational time or maybe we just like storing this one on its optional charging base. The CS3070 is fantastic and definitely comes in as one our favorite scanners for 2015.

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Product Video Transcript

CS3070 Barcode Scanner Video

Hi this is Travis with POSGuys.com. Today we're going over how to pair the CS3070 with iOS7. From the main screen you click on settings. and then you go to Bluetooth. This is the screen you'll see, you'll see the cs3070 available there. You hold down the double bat wings to put it into pairing mode. and then you click next and they'll ask you for a pairing request, it'll give you a code number. You have to then print out the numeric barcodes for PIN entry and scan the appropriate numbers. And once that's done it is paired up. So you can use it like a Human Interface Device or HID device. Notepad... You can scan barcodes.

So in iOS6 one thing you had to do was toggle the keyboard. So when you press the minus button on it, it toggles the keyboard. So if you wanted to use the onscreen keyboard you had to do that and if you wanted to scan again you had to push the minus and then you could scan. With iOS7 the onscreen keyboard doesn't disable a Bluetooth keyboard or Bluetooth scanner so you can scan and type and scan and type. You no longer have to toggle the keyboard. So that is a nice discovery with iOS7 and it makes scanning and using a Bluetooth scanner a little more convenient. For more questions please contact POSGuys. 855-POS-GUYS or visit us at www.POSGuys.com. Thanks!

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