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Additional Presentation Barcode Scanners Information

If you need faster scanning than you get with a handheld scanner, a presentation barcode scanner may be right for you. These onmi-directional scanners provide faster scanning with greater precision, ideally designed for the kind of high volume scanning you see in grocery stores, warehouse wholesalers, or hardware stores. We have separated presentation scanners into three distinct groups: 2D Presentation Barcode Scanners, Laser Presentation Barcode Scanners and Counter Barcode Scanners & Scanner/Scales. Each offers different features and functionality, great for multiple retail applications.

POSGuys.com carries a wide variety of omni barcode scanners from major manufacturers including Motorola, Honeywell, and Datalogic. If you find you would prefer a more traditional retail barcode scanner, they are available on our barcode scanner page. Industrial barcode scanners are available for more demanding applications.

2D Presentation Barcode Scanner

High volume 2D scanners put the fast, feature-rich scanning of 2D imagers into a presentation-style housing. These scanners use powerful imagers to quickly capture and translate barcode data, usually faster than their laser counterparts. 2D scanners have the added functionality of reading smartphone screens and parsing driver's license data, empowering you to add mobile couponing or error-free customer loyalty signup/lookup at your business.

Suggested 2D Barcode Scanners:

Laser Presentation Barcode Scanners:

Laser presentation barcode scanners offer similar scanning to handheld laser barcode scanners, ensuring quick reads from a variety of angles. The omni scanners have a prism inside the scanner spins at a high speed, rasterizing or multiplying the beam into varying patterns allowing the multiplied beam to scan barcodes at nearly any orientation, speeding up the scanning process. These omni barcode scanners are available in on-counter and even handheld designs.

Suggested Laser Presentation Scanners:

Counter Barcode Scanner & Scanner/Scales:

Ideal for the high-volume scanning you see at major grocery stores, hardware stores, or chain department stores, counter barcode scanners and combo scanner/scales are designed to be the tanks of the barcode scanner industry. Their advanced optics and high-powered scanners ensure the incredibly fast reads required when ringing up numerous products. A built-in scale allows for bulk item sales or sales by weight, terrific for produce, deli meats, or anything that might not have a barcode on it. These barcode scanners are built into your counter, however, so you may want an additional cordless barcode scanner for added mobility.

Suggested Counter Barcode Scanner & Scanner/Scales:

If you are unsure which omni barcode scanner is right for you, give us a call at 1-800-903-6571 or chat live now.

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