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Includes: 9420143013-000231 Magellan 9400i Scanner/Scale, English Config/Single Interval/No Display, Medium Sapphire Platter/Flange Mount w/ Fixed Produce Rail, Enhanced Processing with Scale Sentry, US Std Power Cord/Brick, RS232 Single Cable, ICL9620,NCR,PC
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Magellan 9400i 9420143013-000231 DataLogicDataLogic

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Scale Cable for Dual Cable Mode, RS-232, PC Scale, Female, 15 ft for dual cable setup. For Datalogic Magellan.
Kit, Remote Scale Display, English, Single Head, Single Interval, US/Canada/Puerto Rico
Datalogic Universal Power Power Cord (120VAC, STD)
PWR ADP,12V/18W,PSAA18U-120(D6)-R
Scanner Scale Cable for Single Cable Mode, RS-232, ICL, PC, 4.5 m/15 ft (9 PIN). For Datalogic Magellan.
MAGELLAN 9400i SCANNER SCALE, OVERNIGHT, 3 YEARS, Comprehensive Warranty