DataLogic Magellan 9800i

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Magellan 9800i Presentation Barcode Scanners

This product replaces the older DataLogic Magellan 8500Xt.

The Datalogic Magellan 9800i scanner/scale combination offers unique features to give grocers greater peace of mind and better customer service at the point of sale. Available with or without a scale, the Magellan 9800i is at home in high volume environments, such as grocery stores, hardware stores, or even shipping applications.

The Magellan 9800i is one of the first on the market to feature 2D imagers in both the horizontal and vertical scanning windows. This gives you fast omnidirectional scanning of both 1D and 2D product barcodes, including those on smartphone screens. An optional Top Down Reader provides easy scanning of cell phones and keychain cards, making customer-centric scanning a snap.

Models of the Magellan 9800i with the scale built-in are a great choice for businesses selling by item as well as by weight. Datalogic's All-Weighs scale design provides accurate reads even if products are leaning on the top of the scanner, while ScaleSentry ensures products are not hanging off sides and potentially under-weighed.

In-counter scanners need to be built to last, and the Magellan 9800i is no exception. The scanning windows are built with durable Datalogic Clear or Sapphire Laminated glass, scratch resistant and able to handle years of use. A 1 year warranty comes standard, with additional Datalogic Ease-of-Care coverage plans available, giving you a maximum return on investment.

  • Full 2D imaging for all planes
  • EAS compatibility for additional loss prevention
  • 30 lb capacity, 0.010 lb increments
  • All-Weighs and ScaleSentry ensure accurate bulk product weighing
  • Top Down Reader (TDR) for scanning mobile coupons/customer loyalty barcodes
  • 1-year warranty

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