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What You Get: 98201030122-014251 MGL9800i, Scanner Scale with Display, Long Platter/Sapphire Glass, US Scale, English scale/display, Single Interval, TDR Tall, US Power Brick, Retail USB Cable, EAS
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Magellan 9800i 98201030122-014251 DataLogicDataLogic

The 98201030122-014251 is not one of this product's most popular models.

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Magellan 9800i Top Down Reader, Tall Model, 12.4 Inches
Top Down Imager, 7", Magellan 9800i
Datalogic Universal Power Power Cord (120VAC, STD)
Scanner & Scale Cable for Single Cable Mode, RS-232, ICL, PC, 4.5 m/15 ft (9 PIN)
Cable, RS-232, PC, 4.5 m/15 ft (25 PIN)
Datalogic Cable, USB Cable. External Power, 4.5 m/15 ft. Can be used to convert Single-Cable RS232 to USB.