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LS9208 Presentation Barcode Scanners

The Symbol LS9208 has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Symbol LS9208i.

This product replaces the older Symbol LS9203.

The LS9208 has reached end of life, the DS9208 is a suitable replacement scanner.

The Symbol Technologies LS 9208 presentation scanner sports both a high-performance processor and an innovative 100-line rasterizing omni-directional scan pattern. With universal cables and multiple interfaces, the LS9208 provides easy integration, and built-in shock absorption ensures durability for most retail scanning environments.

Speed and versatility are the benchmarks of Symbol's LS 9208 -- the unit features a small footprint and comes with an optional, adjustable multimount stand that is easily adaptable to many point-of-sale operations.

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The LS9208 is heavy on features, giving it great usability within its class. The primary raster mode and secondary scan methods give you the option of scanning damaged or densely populated, respectively, increasing usability where other omnidirectional scanners may fail.

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