UniTech KP3700

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KP3700 Programmable Keyboard

The UniTech KP3700 has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Logic Controls LK6000.

This product replaces the older UniTech K2724.

The Unitech KP3700 programmable keyboard offers a variety of features designed for ease of data entry, great for grocery stores, quick serve restaurants, or retailers selling products or services lacking barcodes. With a standard layout and design, the KP3700 brings familiarity to any checkstand.

A 104-key layout is in the traditional QWERTY design, making it easy for users to get up to speed quickly. 92 of the keys are programmable via Unitech's Keyboard Configuration Manager software, able to send multiple characters per keystroke. For ease of use, 88 of the keys are relegendable, allowing users to know what reprogrammed keys represent.

To save space at your checkstand or workstation, the KP3700 comes with an integrated magnetic card reader. Available in 2-track or 3-track reading modes, there is a unit available for your unique needs. The KP3700 also sports an RS232 serial port in case you want to add a wand, CCD, or laser scanner to your setup. With a 1-year warranty standard, the Unitech KP3700 is a great addition to your checkstand.

  • 104 keys, 92 programmable, 88 relegendable
  • Integrated 2-track or 3-track MSR
  • USB Interface
  • DB9 RS-232 Serial port for barcode scanner support
  • 1-year warranty

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