Logic Controls LK6000

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LK6000 Programmable Keyboard

The Logic Controls LK6000 has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Logic Controls LK8000.

This product replaces the older UniTech KP3700.

The KLASER-I is the industry's first fully programmable QWERTY Keyboard with an optional built-in Laser Scanner. The KLASER-I is a premium quality keyboard with full travel mechanical switches, a positive tactile feel and a two position programmable key lock for the additional level of security vital to most retail applications. KLASER-I has a true QWERTY layout including: Windows keys, a numeric pad, and 24 user-definable keys. With its optional built-in laser scanner and/or magnetic stripe reader, this keyboard is the most powerful and versatile keyboard in the industry. Patent pending (USA and International).

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