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Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Basic

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QuickBooks Point of Sale Basic POS Software

The Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Basic has reached end of life.

QuickBooks Point of Sale 10 Basic has reached end of life with limited stock available. It has been replaced by QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 Basic.

Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Basic software allows you to add POS operations while seamlessly integrating with QuickBooks Accounting software. Ideal for smaller retail locations, QuickBooks POS Basic is a great way to track inventory and sales at your business.

Setting up QuickBooks Point of Sale Basic is incredibly easy. After answering a few simple questions, you can either enter your inventory manually or import it from a Microsoft Excel file. Once integrated with QuickBooks Financial software, you can transfer sales data, sync customer data and accounts receivable, turning the two software packages into one fantastic business solution.

With QuickBooks Point of Sale Basic, day-to-day retail operations are a snap. From basic sales to customer reporting, QuickBooks Point of Sale Basic has you covered. The software supports store credits, gift cards, even integrated credit card and debit card transactions. Inventory is automatically tracked as you sell and receive items, cutting out guesswork and saving time when auditing inventory.

Training new employees to use QuickBooks POS Basic has never been easier. Built-in tutorials for common tasks make learning much easier than digging through a user manual. QuickBooks Point of Sale Basic also offers a practice mode, allowing employees to run through daily operations without affecting inventory or sales totals.

Detailed Quickbooks POS Information

  • Import items and customers from Microsoft Excel
  • Issue and Accept gift cards
  • Track customer info and purchase history
  • Built-in credit card processing (requires merchant processing)
    Minimum Requirements
  • 1.8 GHz processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 GB Disk Space
  • Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008
If you are looking for a complete, turnkey solution, we offer a pre-built QuickBooks POS System. This system includes everything you need to ring customers up, including coverage from both POSGuys.com and Intuit.
Product Specifications
Minimum Processor 1.8 GHz
Minimum RAM 2 GB
Minimum Hard Disk 2 GB
Minimum Operating System Windows XP, Vista, or 7
Minimum Display Resolution 1024 x 768
Credit/Debit Processing Built-in, Processing Via Intuit Merchant Services
Finance Software Compatibility QuickBooks, Peachtree, Microsoft Small Business Accounting, and Microsoft Office Accounting/Office Accounting Express
Employee Access Control Yes
Employee Scheduling Not Available
Employee Time Clock Not Available
Inventory Management Tracks Automatically By Sale
Does Not Automatically Generate Purchase Orders
Mobile Compatibility Supported Via Cipherlab 8000
Customer Loyalty / Tracking Tracks Customer Contact and Purchase Info
Tax Levels Unlimited
Customer Displays Supported Yes
OPOS Support Not Available
Label Printing Not Available
Report Support One-Click Sales/Customer Reporting
Number of Stations Single Station Only
Multi-Store Support Not Available
Database Type SQL
Layaway Support Not Available
Consignment Support Not Available
Sales Commission Support Not Available
Rental Support Not Available

Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Basic Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

QuickBooks Point of Sale Basic is a great choice for single-location businesses looking to add point of sale operations. The software covers most of the tasks you would run into, and the integration with QuickBooks Financial software makes it a great extension. We trust the QuickBooks POS platform enough to create pre-built Quickbooks POS Systems. For more automated processes, such as employee hour tracking and inventory purchase order creation, we recommend QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro.

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