POS-X Xp8000

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Xp8000 Pole Displays

The POS-X Xp8000 has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the POS-X Xp8200.

The Xp8000 series pole display delivers both style and funtionality for retail or restaurant point-of-sale systems. This model's compact footprint, 15" total height, highly-adjustable pitch and multiple viewing angles provide the ultimate in flexibility for pole display set up, even in small counter space environments.

Supporting nine standard emulations including Epson, UTC Standard, AEDEX, and UTC Enhanced, the Xp8000 pole display offers better technical adaptability for the price than other point of sale pole displays on the market today.

The Black Model of the Xp8000 has been upgraded to the Xp8200 Model.

We have a very limited stock available of these, order while supplies last.

POS-X Xp8000 Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

"The POS-X Xp8000 is an affordable yet practical pole display for retail and restaurant point-of-sale systems. This 15" pole display provides various display emulations with a straightforward setup, large characters, and a small footprint for limited counter spaces."

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