POS-X Xp8200

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Xp8200 Pole Displays

This product replaces the older POS-X Xp8000.

The POS-X Xp8200 Pole Display combines the greatest features for versatility, ease of use, and compatibility in its class. An adjustable height base allows the Xp8200 to display at 5.5", 10.5", and 15.5", excellent for a variety of checkout stations. Included software allows the Xp8200 to be configured to match your pole display emulation needs, including Epson, CD-5220, UTC, and more. Available with RS-232 Serial or USB interfaces, the POS-X Xp8200 has everything you need to easily display information for your customers.

  • 2-row, 20 character-per-row Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • 90° viewing angle
  • 32° to 114° F operating temperature
  • Full 360° lateral rotation for easy customer orientation
  • OPOS Support
  • Product Specifications
    Height 5.5 to 15.5 in (139.7 to 393.7 mm)
    Interface USB, RS-232 DB9 female
    Color Options Black
    Display Size 5 x 7 dot matrix, 0.207W x 0.366H in character size, 20 characters per row (two rows total)
    Dual Sided No
    Viewing Angle Maximum 90°
    Pitch Angle Maximum 30°
    Horizontal Rotation Maximum 360°
    OPOS Compatible Yes
    Emulation EPSON POS D101, AEDEX, UTC/S, UTC/P, ADM788, DSP800, CD5220, EMAX, LOGIC CONTROL, LD-220

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