POS-X Xp8000 Review Review

POS-X  Xp8000
Product: Xp8000
Manufacturer: POS-X
Type: Serial
Support: 1 Year warranty through POS-X;
Lifetime support from POSGuys

The POS-X Xp8000 is an affordable yet practical pole display for retail and restaurant
point-of-sale systems. This 15” pole display provides various display emulations with a
straightforward setup, large characters, and a small footprint for limited counter spaces.

Typical uses and environments:
Finding a place in any retail or restaurant environment would be ideal for the Xp8000. In addition to being for the customer’s benefit, pole displays also help to prevent incorrect check amounts that can be a hassle. Thus, any environment without a visible purchase total could use an Xp8000.

Unique Features & Advantages:
What really stands out about the POS-X Xp8000 are its clearly visible characters. The wide, thin head allows for a larger screen that is easily readable by all but the most farsighted of customers. Not only is the head stylish, but it also helps keep the entire unit lightweight as it is quite thin. Unlike some other manufacturers, POS-X sends its Xp8000 out into the world with nine different display emulations including Epson, UTC Standard, AEDEX, and UTC Enhanced, to name a few. Configuring the POS-X Xp8000 to meet your  software needs is incredibly simple. The included CD  provides software that allows you to change the emulation mode to whatever you need, far easier than having  to flip dip switches or cite magical incantations.

POS-X Xp8000Standard Features:
The POS-X Xp8000 comes standard with an on/off switch on the unit which can save energy, 2 line x 20 character display, adjustable pitch angle of the head, and a mountable stand with a small footprint. Stores that find the counter space by the register to be valuable can enjoy this very small footprint, leaving plenty of room or impulse shopping goodies up front.

POS-X Xp8000Drawbacks:
Drawbacks of the Xp8000 dealt with the limitations of movement. While the head does tilt, it does not rotate at all, thus it cannot be viewed by the employee and then rotated to be viewed by the customer. Additionally, the pole display can only be a height of 15” and it does not come with any attachments to change the height.

The POS-X Xp8000 offers great performance at an affordable price. With visibility that is better than most and many emulation options, this pole display has what it takes to make a nice addition to any point-of-sale system.

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