PosiFlex KS 6315

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KS 6315 POS Computers

The PosiFlex KS 6315 has reached end of life.

The PosiFlex KS 6315 is discontinued. For a suitable replacement purchase the PosiFlex KS6800.

The New Fan-Free Posiflex KS 6315 uses an ultra-thin aluminum chassis design to keep the system cool. No longer is there a need for noisy fans or liquid cooling systems. The KS series is designed for optimum heat transfer efficiency, improving its long-term reliability. This high-performance workstation easily operates various kinds of customer applications such as Hospitality, Retail, Kiosk, and e-Commerce on 2 Tier structure.

Featuring optional Magnetic Stripe Readers and/or finger print sensor in USB interface, built-in speakers, primary hard drive, optional built-in battery, 15.1" LCD panel - TFT active matrix resistive touch screen with a dual backlit tube and brightness control.

The Posiflex KS 6315 comes standard with Intel Celeron M 1.0 Ghz, 40GB HDD, and supports Win XP Pro / WEPOS / Win CE.

Additional Features:

  • All KS Fanless terminal models come standard with integrated wall-mount bracket, rear mount bracket for 2nd display, primary hard drive and optional built-in battery
  • Trenched aluminum housiA patented finger release lever "geared locking mechanism" easily adjusts the LCD angle's tilt angle from 17.5º to 87.5ºng design for heat dissipation
  • Push-open cover to protect power switch from accidental shutdown of the system, providing extra security to the operation
  • Spill proof water-resistant structure protects circuitry and allows for easy cleaning
  • Optional Integrated MSR with U.are.U Fingerprint reader
  • Optional Integrated MSR, Fingerprint Sensor and 40-Dynakey programmable keyboard (3-in-1) attachment
  • Optional Integrated customer display module

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