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Information about Symbol Barcode Scanners

Symbol barcode scanners are among our most popular models. The company's years of experience developing mobility solutions puts the Symbol hand held laser barcode scanners at the forefront of the industry. With great warranties, superior read rates and proven reliability in retail and industrial environments, Symbol also sets the standard for quality and functionality.

Symbol laser barcode scanners were among the first barcode scanners available. Symbol holds many of the laser scanning patents and continues to research the industry to discover new ways of capturing retail and enterprise information.

Symbol hand held barcode scanners come in a variety of models. Our best-selling models include:

  1. LS2208
  2. LS4208
  3. LS9208
  4. M2000 Cyclone
  5. LS3408
  6. CS1504
Each of these models comes in a variety of colors, connectivity options and unique feature sets. For example, with the M2000 cyclone barcode POS scanner, Symbol has reached the apex of quality and functionality. This scanner has an adaptive scanning technology to read all types of 1D and 2D barcodes, even those with new and emerging symbologies.

Our trained sales staff will explain the functionality of various Symbol barcode scanners to help qualify the best fit for your business needs. Call 1-800-903-6571 for assistance and check out our Buying Guide for a thorough explanation of barcoding technology.