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Long Range Systems T9550LCM Transmitter

T9550LCM Transmitter Restaurant Pagers

The LRS T9550 Pager Transmitter is a convenient and portable way to alert customers their table is ready. The T9550 features a rechargeable battery built-in, so you can use it anywhere in your restaurant, recharging overnight. Compatible with a variety of LRS pagers, the T9550 transmitter is a great low cost transmitter for any restaurant.

• Compatible with LRS Coaster, Adverteaser, Pizza, Lobster, and Staff Pagers
• Supports up to 999 pagers
• Rechargeable battery pack lasts up to 3 days
• Multiple notification methods

This transmitter is compatible with:
Coaster Guest Pagers
Pizza Guest Pager
Lobster Guest Pager
Product Specifications
Color Options Black
Programmability Wireless pager programmability
Alert Mode All-page feature can alert all pagers at the same time
Dimensions 3 x 8 in. (without antenna)
Battery 3

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