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Product: Orbit
Manufacturer: Metrologic
Type: Omnidirectional Scanner
Support: 2 Year Warranty from Metrologic,
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The Metrologic Orbit is an aggressive, omnidirectional laser barcode scanner with an incorporated stand. Lightweight and fast, the Orbit is unique with its stylish design.

Typical uses and environments:
The Metrologic Orbit has an innovative design that allows it to be used on the counter or as a hand-held for scanning larger items. Because of the small footprint, the Orbit saves valuable advertisement space on the counter. For these reasons, the Orbit is ideal in retail or grocery settings where counter space is at a minimum. With an aggressive scan engine, it works well in high volume retail applications.

Unique Features & Advantages: As one of the most uniquely shaped scanners in the market, the Orbit is lightweight and is designed to be placed on the counter, as well as used as a hand-held scanner. The Orbit eliminates the need for a second hand-held scanner when items are too big to scan on the counter, because you can simply pick up the Orbit, reach over, and scan the larger item. In addition, the head tilts slightly up and down to adjust for medium sized items.
Its beam includes 20 lines of crossing lasers for optimum chance of getting the read on the first scan.There are four holes in the bottom of the scanner to mount it to the counter if desired. However, that would eliminate the option of using the scanner as a hand held.

Standard Features:
Included in the box is the scanner, the cable (unattached), and two manuals including a configuration guide with programming barcodes. It is plug-and-play however, so there should be no programming required before scanning.Located on the back of the scanner is the cord that is swappable. There is a pinhole that pushes down the clasp on the cable to release it from the scanner. All you have to do is stick a small pin or paperclip end into the pinhole and the cable is released.
The Metrologic Orbit is one of few omnidirectional scanners to be available in both black and white models. The status lights are on the top of the head and are usually green, but flashes red with every scan. The logo is on the back of the scanner in the form of the signature Metrologic circle.It has four little rubber feet on the bottom of the scanner so that it doesn’t scratch your counter. It also has a rubber rim right around the lens for extra protection.

With a sleek shell and no grips on the side, it is easy for the Orbit to accidentally slip out of your grasp as it’s a bit bulky for a hand held. Thus, when using it as a hand-held, extra caution should be taken. The Orbit has a scan tone suitable for busy retail establishments that can be overbearing in a smaller setting.

Performance Testing:
In testing the Metrologic Orbit’s capabilities, we ran it through a set of tests involving optimal scan range, ability to scan wide barcodes, dense barcodes, and light resistance. Our testing determined the scanner to fall in line with its class. The range of the Orbit was from contact to 12” away from the barcode. That distance is considerable compared to all barcodes, and about average for its class. The Orbit did well with all the damaged barcodes and even scanned all of our curved barcodes. It also read through four layers of plastic. Under the spot light, the Orbit did not do as well, which is why we do not recommend using it outdoors or in heavily lit indoor environments.While performing our tests, we discovered that the greatest attribute of the Orbit was its scan engine. It has an aggressive scan engine that allows it to scan at a fast pace. The Orbit could read the fastest when it was firmly on the counter while the objects passed by the beam. It seemed to be slightly slower when used as a hand-held.
During our testing, we noticed that when the barcodes were too close together, it was impossible to tell which one was scanned without looking at the display screen. To prevent this from becoming a problem, Metrologic has a code gate model available that has a trigger on the head for single-line use.

A breakdown of the Metrologic Orbit capabilities is listed in table and graph form below.

Barcode Scanner Performance Chart

1D Results
Highest Density Barcode Scanned 10.8mil Good
Widest Barcode Scanned 107.95mm Average
Shortest Barcode Scanned 38 mm Good
Range Ideal Conditions (Standard 100% UPC-A 0 inches – 12 inches Average
Scratched Barcode 2 of 3 Good
Worn Barcode 2 of 3 Good
Warped Barcode 2 of 2 Great
Curved Barcode 2 of 2 Great
Multiple Barcodes in close proximity Relatively accurate, but dependent on distribution of barcodes relative to thickness of beam Average
Scan through plastic layers 4 Layers Great
Multicolored Barcodes Successfully Scanned Blue, Green, and Black on Brown Good
Multicolored Barcodes Not Scanned Red, Yellow, Grey Average
Simulated Sunlight Test Correct scans until spotlight was at 13” Fair

The Metrologic Orbit would work best in high volume retail applications where there is limited counter space. It would also be ideal in grocery settings with its aggressive scan engine and ability to be used as a hand-held scanner.

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Metrologic Scanners Ideal Setting Description
Metrologic Orbit
Metrologic Orbit
High Volume Retail and Grocery An Omnidirectional scanner with the option of white or black models, a tilting head, and has an aggressive scan engine.
Metrologic QuantumT
Metrologic QuantumT
Medium to High Volume Retail and Grocery An omnidirectional scanner with a small footprint that is slightly more economically priced than the Orbit. It also includes single-line scanning.
Metrologic Fusion
Metrologic Fusion
High Volume Retail An omnidirectional scanner with option of handheld and includes code gate technology. The head tilts more than the Orbit and it is a more durable scanner.
Metrologic Focus
Metrologic Focus
Medium to High Volume Retail and Health Care A 2D Imager with omnidirectional scanning with First Flash and Linear Illumination technologies.

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