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Mobile Computer Replacement Batteries

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Mobile Computer Replacement Batteries Cables and Power Backup

Regularly replacing mobile computer batteries is a great and low cost way to maximize uptime and productivity at your business. POSGuys carries a wide variety of batteries, compatible with such popular mobile computers as the Motorola MC9000, Honeywell Dolphin 9900, Datalogic Falcon, and more. With your choice of manufacturer-built or third-party batteries, you can be sure we have the right battery for you.

For help locating specific mobile computer batteries, please visit our battery buyer's guide. If the battery for your mobile computer or device is not listed, contact [email protected] and we will help locate the correct replacement battery.

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Similar to standard disposable batteries, mobile computer batteries have a limited operating life. Even rechargeable batteries lose a little of their maximum storage capacity each charge-discharge cycle. Batteries stored in the cold will last longer, the low temperature reducing the energy discharge rate. If you find your mobile computer's charge degrading at a higher rate, it is probably time for a fresh battery.

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