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Best Barcode Scanners

We carry many barcode scanners, so many that it can be difficult to know which one is right for your business. Thankfully, we have tested the scanners we carry and determined the following to be the best in their class. These scanners offer the ease of use and setup you need, plus the features ideal for most scanning applications.

Top Barcode Scanner - 2017

Top Retail Scanners

Most of the time, a retail scanner will be your best choice. These scanners feature a great combination of features and affordability, making them ideal for everything from department store retail scanning to personal inventory management. Available as a cabled scanner or with cordless options available, you can be sure these scanners will meet any general data capture needs.

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The Zebra DS2208 is the perfect blend of price and performance, it essentially is a cross between the very affordable LI2208 and performance based DS4308 barcode scanners. This 2D scanner is designed for all types of retail environments and scans very aggressively at all angles, in all light conditions, and on most forms of media including cell phone screens. This scanner was built with future proofing in mind where it can scan both standard UPC Barcodes as well as 2D QR Codes for mobile couponing or customer registration.

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This is one of the longest and best selling scanners on the market, and for good reason. The Zebra LS2208 provides the kind of fast laser scanning that makes it a mainstay for almost any retailer. Adding in an auto-sense stand turns the LS2208 into a great dual-purpose handheld and hands-free scanning solution.

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From: $146.00



The LI2208 offers the high power scanning you expect from Zebra. This durable linear imager has a tremendous depth of field, making it easy to read 1D barcodes in virtually any environment. A reinforced single-board design gives the LI2208 additional durability and resistance to day-to-day use and abuse.

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Voyager 1400g

The Honeywell Voyager 1400g barcode scanner is ideal for medium volume retailers or businesses wanting to future-proof their investment as it is up-gradable from 1D to 2D when the time is right.

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From: $120.00


Voyager 1450g

The Voyager 1450g, with its easy to hold pistol form factor, is Honeywell's 1D upgradable scanner that is easy to hold and offers a scan engine that is powerful enough to scan most barcodes, even ones on screens.

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Top Presentation Barcode Scanners

Ideal for high volume scanning, an omni scanner can read a barcode regardless of its orientation. Laser omni scanners use multiple mirrors and prisms to multiple the scanning lines, improving accuracy, while imagers use high powered processors to capture and decode barcode data. These are generally designed to stay stationary at a pos station, or even be built into the checkstand.

Top Industrial Barcode Scanners

Industrial scanners are built to handle tremendous abuse, wide temperature swings, and any other harsh conditions that would take down lesser scanners. They usually are sealed against the elements, with some able to survive dunking into water. Generally seen in manufacturing and heavy industrial environments, an industrial scanner is built to last.

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