Best Barcode Scanners

We tested our many barcode scanners and determined that the following scanners are best in class!

Top Barcode Scanner of 2018!

Top Retail Scanners

Retail scanners are a great combination of features and affordability, making them ideal for everything from department store retail scanning to personal inventory management. Most retail scanners are available in at least two models, cabled or cordless. Call us if you don't see the cordless model and we will locate it for you 800.903.6571.

Top Presentation Barcode Scanners

Ideal for high volume scanning, a presentation scanner can read a barcode regardless of its orientation. Modern imagers use powerful processors to capture and decode barcode data while, the classic laser presentation scanners use multiple mirrors and prisms to split the scanning beams, improving accuracy.

Top Industrial Barcode Scanners

Industrial scanners are built to handle tremendous abuse, wide temperature swings, and harsh conditions that would take down lesser scanners. They are sealed against the elements, with some able to survive submersion in water. Generally seen in manufacturing and heavy industrial environments, an industrial scanner is built to perform.

If you have questions about the performance of our products or whether a particular scanner is right for you, call us at 800.903.6571.