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QuickBooks POS Software

QuickBooks POS Hardware Compatibility Guide

Intuit's QuickBooks POS software gives any retailer a powerful platform for ringing up customers and keeping inventory counts accurate. Choosing the hardware most compatible with QuickBooks POS can be difficult, especially given how many different products are on the market.

Thankfully, POSGuys.com has already picked hardware we feel is best for your needs. From barcode scanners to receipt printers, cash drawers and card readers, these devices will provide your business with the fantastic service you need.


Find QuickBooks POS Hardware By Type

Certified Kit Barcode ScannersBarcode Scanners Receipt PrintersReceipt Printers Cash DrawersCash Drawers Card ReadersCard Readers Mobile ComputersMobile Products

QuickBooks Certified Hardware Kit

Intuit offers a kit containing the hardware they determined to offer the best experience with QuickBooks POS. With a Intuit-certified kit, you also receive a warranty card giving you access to Intuit's hardware support team. Shop now

QuickBooks Scanner

Barcode Scanner

Intuit's certified hardware kit includes the Honeywell Hyperion 1300g, a terrific barcode scanner that offers the durability and aggressive scanning needed for almost any retail application. An 18" optimal scan range and optional presentation stand make the Hyperion 1300g a great choice.

Other USB barcode scanners work perfectly fine with QuickBooks POS, and so you may want to check if your needs exceed the performance of the Hyperion 1300g. While Intuit may not provide support on these products, POSGuys is more than happy to help you configure your scanner to work with the POS Software.

Laser ScannerPOS-X EVO Laser
Linear ImagerDatalogic QuickScan 2130
Cordless ScannerHHP 3820 Cordless Linear Imager
Linear ImagerHoneywell 1300G
Cordless ScannerHoneywell Voyager 1202g
Contact ScannerIDTech Econoscan II
Omni Directional ScannerMetrologic QuantumT MS3580 Omni-directional
Cordless ScannerMetrologic Voyager BT MS9535 Bluetooth
Laser ScannerMetrologic Voyager MS9520
Omni Directional ScannerMotorola DS9208
Cordless ScannerMotorola LI4278
Laser ScannerSymbol LS2208
Linear ImagerHHP Imageteam 3800LR
Linear ImagerHHP SR IT5600 Cordless Linear Imager
Cordless ScannerMicrovision Flic
Laser ScannerSymbol Cobra LS1902T
Laser ScannerSymbol LS1908T
Omni Directional ScannerSymbol M2007 Omni-directional
Linear ImagerWelch Allyn IT3220

QuickBooks Receipt Printer

Receipt Printer

QuickBooks POS is compatible with a wide variety of major receipt printers, including the popular Epson TM-T88 line and Star's TSP100. Their certified kit includes the Star TSP100 thermal printer, offering near silent, reliable printing.

Compatibility with the Epson TM-T88 line of printers allows other major printer manufacturers to work well with the POS software platform. Two great alternatives are the POS-X EVO HiSpeed and Seiko Qaliber RP-E receipt printers.

TypeReceipt PrinterRecommended
Thermal PrinterStar TSP100ECO
Thermal PrinterCitizen CT-S300
Thermal PrinterStar TSP100
Thermal PrinterStar TSP600
Thermal PrinterStar TSP700
Thermal PrinterPOS-X EVO HiSpeed
Thermal PrinterEpson TM-T88V
Thermal PrinterEpson ReadyPrint T20
Thermal PrinterSeiko Qaliber RP-E
Thermal PrinterDell T200
Thermal PrinterEpson TM88II
Thermal PrinterEpson TM88III
Thermal PrinterEpson TM88IV
Impact PrinterEpson TMU200
Laser PrinterHP Laser Jet 4200 PCL 6
Laser PrinterHP Laser Jet 4600 PCL 6

QuickBooks Cash Drawer

Cash Drawer

Most cash drawers connect to your receipt printer to receive open signals. As such, you can pick virtually any cash drawer on the market, finding the right one that meets your installation and security requirements. Intuit includes the MMF Val-U-Line in their certified kit, giving you a solid and affordable medium duty cash drawer. However, heavier duty drawers, including the MMF Advantage, offer the kind of durability needed in high volume and rough retail environments.

TypeCash DrawerRecommended
Medium DutyMMF VAL-u Line
Heavy DutyMMF Advantage
Heavy DutyPOS-X ION
Medium DutyM-S Cash Drawer CF-Media
Heavy DutyAPG T371-BL16195
Heavy DutyAPG T371-DG1616 (Use with Dell T200 printer)

QuickBooks Card Readers

Card Reader

A durable card reader should hold up to the abuse of repeated daily card swipes while still sending accurate card info. Included in the Intuit-certified kit is the MagTek MiniWedge, one of the top readers on the market. Other card readers provide similar ease of use and longevity, including the IDTech MiniMag and POS-X XM95.

TypeCard ReaderRecommended
Card ReaderMagtek 21040110
Card ReaderIDTech MiniMag
Card ReaderPOS-X XM95
Card ReaderMagtek Centurion
Card ReaderID Innovations MSR
Card ReaderID Innovations MSR
Keyboard With ReaderCherry Keyboard MSR G81-7000
Keyboard With ReaderCherry Keyboard G86-62410EUAGSA
Keyboard With ReaderCherry Keyboard G81-7920LUBBUS-2
Card ReaderLogic Controls MR 3010
Card ReaderDell DEL3331-33UB (ID Tech Mini Mag)

QuickBooks Mobile Products


There are a couple different paths to adding mobile inventory management to your QuickBooks POS installation. The more traditional method involves a batch data collector that synchronizes with your store's inventory, allowing you to take inventory counts away from your checkstand. Intuit recommends the Honeywell OptimusS mobile data collector, and we have had success integrating the CipherLab 8001 into installations as well.

For mobile payment, inventory management, and other mobile tools, Intuit's GoPayment platform is an excellent addition. This software runs on iPhones, iPads, or Android devices, and allows you to take your inventory on the go. With the additional encrypted card reader attachment, you now have a mobile POS device fantastic for trade shows as well as line busting.

Batch Inventory ScannerMetrologic SP 5500 Optimus S
Batch Inventory ScannerCipherLabs 8000
Mobile POSGoPayment

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