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FAQ# 1094:

How do I configure my POS-X XP8200 pole display (customer display) to work with Proxis Store Manager Classic?


How do I configure my POS-X XP8200 pole display (customer display) to work with Proxis Store Manager Classic?



To configure your POS-X XP8200 USB pole display to work with Proxis Store Manager Classic, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the Prolific USB-Serial driver.
  2. Once this driver has been installed, open a Run dialog by holding the Windows key and pressing R. In this dialog, type devmgmt.msc, then press Enter to access Device Manager.
  3. In Device Manager, double-click Ports to expand, and locate the Prolific USB-to-Serial adapter. It will have a COM port number listed next to it (i.e. COM3). Make note of this port.
  4. Download and extract the VFD Configuration Utility. Double-click VFD_Setup to run the utility.
  5. Select the correct COM port (as noted in step 3) from Com Port Select, then click Get Setting From VFD. From Command Mode, select CD5220. Click Download Setting to VFD, then click OK when prompted. Close the VFD Setup utility.
  6. Using the power button located underneath your pole display's screen, turn the display off, then back on.
  7. Open Proxis Office. Click Setup, then click Equipment Setup.
  8. Select the Pole Display tab. Under Pole Display Type, select CD-5220, then select the correct COM port under Serial Port. You may specify a between-transaction message under Between Transactions, if you desire. Click OK / Save
  9. Restart Proxis Cash Register, if necessary.

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