FAQ# 2129: Will my POS-X Thermal or Impact printer work with Windows 10?


Will my POS-X Thermal or Impact printer work with Windows 10?


All current POS-X printers will work with Windows 10 (these include the EVO Green, EVO HiSpeed, EVO Impact, ION Thermal and Thermal 2). Compatibility with older printers will depend on which model of printer you have, and the interface type. Most POS-X printers use the same driver, which will be supported on Windows 10. For more information, contact our sales team at 800-903-6571 or [email protected].

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EVO Impact Product Image
POS-X EVO Impact For kitchen printing, the POS-X EVO Impact is a smart and reliable choice. The durable impact receipts survive wide temperature or humidity swings, ensuring legible printouts in a variety of installations. Support for Epson, Citizen, and Star Emulations, the EVO Impact is a versatile choice, and a 3-year warranty with 2-day turnaround standard helps maximize business uptime.
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POS-X XR510 Quick and Reliable Thermal Receipt Printer
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POS-X Ion Thermal 2 For low cost and speedy receipt printing, the POS-X Ion Thermal 2 is easy to use and provides high quality receipts.