FAQ# 2404: How do I get my Epson TM printer to open the cash drawer on each printer from Windows


How do I get my Epson TM printer to open the cash drawer on each printer from Windows


This feature is enabled in the Epson TM Driver in Windows. After installing the printer driver, follow the

  1. Open the Windows Start menu
  2. Type or select Control Panel
  3. Go to Devices and Printers
  4. Right-click on the Epson printer
  5. Select Printer Properties
  6. Go to the Advanced Tab
  7. Click Printing Defaults
  8. Go to the Peripherals Tab
  9. Select Cash Drawer from the drop-down Menu
  10. Select Open under the Cash Drawer #1 section
  11. Click Apply
  12. Click OK
To avoid possible issues, go to the General tab and then click Preferences and repeat steps 8 through 12.

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