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White, Dark Grey

TM-T88V Receipt Printer

The Epson TM-T88V is nearing end of life. It will soon be replaced by the Epson OmniLink TM-T88VII.

Product Update: Stock for T88V is limited. Its replacement, the T88VII, is now available and featuring enhanced capabilities: Epson T88VII Thermal Printer.

The Epson TM-T88V receipt printer takes the features and capabilities of the TM-T88IV to the next level, giving you a faster, more reliable printer for virtually any installation. A print speed of nearly one foot per second for both text and graphics dramatically cuts print time even on long receipts. Print options are available to reduce paper usage by shrinking fonts or whitespace, further speeding up the checkout process. USB comes standard on all models, with RS-232 Serial, Ethernet, or even 802.11b/g Wireless as additional optional interfaces. When combined with driver support for Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7, Mac OS X, and Linux, the Epson TM-T88V can be installed anywhere with no headaches.

Epson wants you to get the most out of your hardware and built the TM-T88V to last. The autocutter is rated to 2 million cuts, and the mean time between failure is a staggeringly high 360,000 hours (about 41 years of use). Improved cover design adds protection against foreign objects, further extending the receipt printer's longevity. With an industry leading 4 year warranty, the TM-T88V Epson receipt printer is the last printer you'll need for quite some time.

Epson TM-T88V
Receipt Paper

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    Printer Features
  • Industry leading 11.8" per second print speed
  • Offers up to 16 levels of grayscale
  • Autocutter rated to 2 million cuts
  • USB standard on all models

Please note that the WiFi printer options require a mini-USB cable for WiFi connectivity. Cables are available below in the Accessories.

See all thermal receipt paper.

Product Specifications
Weight 3.5 lb (1.6 kg)
Color Options White, Dark Grey
Dimensions 5.71W x 7.68D x 5.83H (145 x 195 x 148 mm)
Interface Built-in USB interface + another selection: serial RS-232C, parallel IEEE-1284, high-speed USB, powered USB, Ethernet 10/100Base-T/TX, wireless, or a Connect-It* interface (Only one interface can be used at a time.)
Print Method Thermal line printing
Print Speed 11.81 in / sec (300 mm / sec) graphics and text - 2.4 in / second for ladder and 2D barcodes
Print Resolution 180 dpi
Character Set Alphanumeric, 16set International, 128 × 43 Graphic
Character/Line 20 CPI / 15 CPI (Character Per Inch)
Barcodes Supported UPC-A, UPC-E, JAN8(EAN), JAN13(EAN), CODE39, CODE93, CODE128, ITF, CODABAR, GS1-128, GS1 DataBar Two-dimensional code: PDF417, QRCode, MaxiCode, 2D GS1 DataBar, Composite Symbology
Graphics Printing 128 x 43 Graphic
Data / Logo Storage 4K bytes (45 bytes) Data Buffer
MCBF 70,000,000 Lines
Print Head Life 20 Million lines
Auto Cutter
Auto Cutter Lifespan 2 million cuts (when using OJI Paper PD150R PD160R)
Paper Dimensions Roll paper: 79.5 ± 0.5 (W) × dia. 83.0 / 57.5 ± 0.5 (W) × dia. 83.0
Paper Thickness 0.06 to 0.07
Two Color Printing Capabilities 16 levels of grayscale
Sensors Status LED lights
Auto Cutter Yes
Wall Mountable Optional wall-hanging bracket WH-10
Mac Compatible Yes - Mac OS X v10.4, v10.5, v10.6 (Power PC/Intel Processor)
Software Included Drivers and setup utility are available on CD or at

Epson TM-T88V Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

The TM-T88IV was the go-to printer for many years, and the TM-T88V is a fantastic successor. Epson improved the performance and durability of the TM-T88IV's design while maintaining the ease of use you come to expect from their receipt printers.

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Product Video Transcript

TM-T88V and TM-T20II Speed Difference Video

Hi this is Travis with Today we're taking a relook at a video we created a couple years ago. This is the TM-T88V and this is the new version of the T20 ReadyPrint, the T202 or T20II however you want to call it. The print speed has been increased on this but also some internal changing has been done on the printer. The printer can print a lot faster than it used to be. Take a look at our older video where we compared the print speed from the 88V to the original T20. You can see a significant slow down whenever this had to print heavy graphics. So in that original video there was like a black bar that would print every other line and that black bar really caused this printer to slow down. The T20II has been upgraded so that is no longer the case. The speed prints like you would expect it to print which is slower than the 88V but not significantly slower.

We'll do another speed test here. So what we did is we setup both of these printers as kitchen printers. We're going to just add a bunch of items to the order. So as you can see the 88V still printed faster but not so much faster that this would be a hindrance. So definitely an improvement on the T20 versus the older model. The price is about the same as the T20II as it was for the original T20. One big change on it is that the power supply used to be internal on the T20 and it is now external on the T20II. So there is a little brick that you'll have to hide somewhere under your counter or under a table. Something like that. Before it was just a single cord. Which actually can be a good thing should a power supply fail you can replace it where before it was internal so once that power supply failed then your printer would have to be replaced.

The warranty is longer on the 88V so it, including the increased speed, the increased reliability there is a longer warranty on the T88V. High paced restaurants or retail establishments I'd still go with the 88V, I'd spend a little extra money and get the better printer but if you are on a tight budget and you're looking for something more economical the T20II is a good solution, the speed has definitely improved over the original T20. If you liked this video, if it was helpful to you, please visit us at and we'd appreciate a thumbs up and a like or maybe a good comment. Thanks!

Recommended Models

TM-T88V Receipt Printer, Dark Gray with USB, 25-pin RS-232 Serial Interfaces, Power Supply Included
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$ 240.00
$ 360.00
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Interface:USB, Serial
Power Supply:Included
TM-T88V Receipt Printer, Dark Gray with USB, Parallel Interfaces, Power Supply Included
Interface:USB, Parallel
Power Supply:Included

Additional Models

T88V - Thermal Receipt Printer, 80mm, Serial & USB, Black, Power Supply
Interface:USB, Serial
Power Supply:Included
TM-T88V Receipt Printer, Cool White with USB, 25-pin RS-232 Serial Interfaces, Power Supply Included
Interface:USB, Serial
Power Supply:Included
TM-T88Vi Receipt Printer Dark Grey with Power Supply, OmniLink Intelligent Printer, 80mm, with Retail-Hardened PC
Interface:TM-I, Ethernet Interface
Power Supply:Included
TM-T88V Receipt Printer, Dark Gray with MPOS, USB, 25-pin RS-232 Serial Interfaces, Power Supply Included
Interface:USB, Serial
Power Supply:Included
TM-T88V Receipt Printer, Dark Gray with PS180 Included, USB, DB9 RS-232 Serial Interfaces, with 2nd USB Port
Interface:USB, Serial
Power Supply:Included
TM-T88V Receipt Printer Black with Advanced Powered USB Interfaces, Requires Powered Plus USB Port (Normal USB Ports will not work), Power Supply not Included
Power Supply:Not Included - Powered USB
Compatibility:Requires Powered USB Port
TM-T88V Receipt Printer Dark Gray with USB and Serial Interfaces, Order Power Supply Separately (C825343)
Color:Dark Gray
Interface:USB, Serial
Power Supply:Not Included
TM-T88Vi Receipt Printer Black with Power Supply, OmniLink Intelligent Printer, USB/Serial Interfaces, USB Cable Included
Interface:USB, Serial
Power Supply:Included
TM-T88V Receipt Printer, Dark Gray with No PS180, USB and Powered USB Interfaces (Requires Power Supply C825343 For Standard USB Connections)
Power Supply:Not Included


USB Interface Card Without 2 Port Hub
Power Supply, Epson, PS-180 Energy Star Rated, 120/220V, General Power Supply For all Epson Printers
Parallel Interface Card, UB-P02
Serial RS-232 Interface Card (1K Buffer) UB-S01
USB Interface Card (with 2-Port Hub and DM Connector) UB-U01III-111
6-Foot Null Modem Serial Printer Cable (9 to 25 pin): Beige
6 Foot USB Printer Cable: Black, A to B
6-Foot USB 2.0 Cable: White, A to B
6-Foot Parallel Printer Cable, DB25M/CENT36M, Beige
1-Year Extended Care for Epson TM-T, TM-L, and DM Series
2-Year Extended Care for Epson TM-T, TM-L, and DM Series
6 Foot Powered USB Cable - Cool White
10 Foot USB A to B Cable, Cool White
3.3-Foot USB A to MINI-B 2.0 Cable: Black, A to B
Ethernet Interface Card, UB-E04
Promo Pack - Thermal Receipt Paper (10 Pack of Rolls) - 3.125" Wide x 220 ft., BPA FREE (Also known as 1213) **Promo Price for First Promo Pack only! (Ground Shipping Only, expedited shipping unavailable on promo pack)
External Beeper with Volume Control, Optional Accessory for Epson Point of Sale Printers
UB-E04: mPOS Friendly Ethernet Card, DHCP Enabled
Spare in the Air 3-Year Warranty For All TM-T TM-L TM-M and DM Series Receipt Printers.

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