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Information on Inventory Control

POSGuys.com distributes a robust line of Inventory Control Systems, excellent for users looking to track and manage their inventory. We hand-picked the barcode scanners, mobile computers, and inventory software best suited to create elegant and economical solutions for any inventory management needs. Featuring hardware from POS-X, Datalogic, Janam, and more, as well as software from Proxis and RedBeam, these inventory control systems keep your products under control and save you time.

We offer three levels of POSGuys.com Inventory Control Systems: Value, Basic, and Premium. All systems come standard with a PC, monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and then feature different barcode scanners, mobile computers, or inventory management software to give you a unique and robust experience.
  1. Value Inventory Control System - This system comes with the Xi3000-BT Cordless Barcode Scanner and Proxis Stock Manager Software to manage your small, single location inventory.
  2. Basic Inventory Control System - The Basic system replaces the cordless barcode scanner with the Xi3000 Corded Barcode Scanner and adds the Janam XP series mobile computer to take your inventory management to multiple locations.
  3. Premium Inventory Control System - The Premium system comes with RedBeam Inventory Tracking software and the Datalogic Memor for more advanced inventory control spanning multiple locations and vendors.
If you require customization to your Inventory Control System, upgrades are available for more durable mobile computers or added barcode printers. If further customization is needed, or you are unsure of which system is right for you, call a member of our trained sales team at 1-800-903-6571.